April, 2017


Rivera is reissuing the Rake Head May 2017! This is the Jay Graydon signature tone machine that was originally released almost 20 years ago! Only 25 will be made!

From the Rivera website ...

The Jay Graydon Signature Rake Head is back! Resurrected for an ultra limited run. We're building only 25 pieces and then they're gone. You want the Steely Dan tone and more, this amp is for you! And, don't think this amp is only a late 70's early 80's king of tones. The Rake is also known for it's ultra smooth high-gain with thick-mids sonic signature. Tuned by legendary Jay Graydon (LA session guitarist for Air Supply, George Benson, Al Jarreau, DeBarge, El DeBarge, Sheena Easton, Art Garfunkel, Manhattan Transfer, Johnny Mathis, Patti LaBelle, Lou Rawls, Kenny Rogers, Dionne Warwick, Barbara Streisand, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, The Jackson Five, Cheap Trick, Christopher Cross, Ray Charles, Donna Summer, Cher, Joe Cocker, Marvin Gaye, Hall & Oates, Olivia Newton-John, and Albert King, just to name a few).

Here is a video interview with Paul Rivera Jr. in which Jay explains why he loves this amp.

More on the Jay Graydon Signature Rake Head reissue on the Rivera site

March, 2017


Jay with Jonah at Garden Rake Studios

(To see a larger image, just click on the pic.)

Jonah (Dirty Loops) was in LA for a few days, so we got together for a dinner hang the other night and then went to my studio and took this pic. Always great to hang out with him talking about music and other fun stuff.


March, 2017


A message from Jay:

It seems too many of our era are passing!

Tommy was a very kind person with a great attitude!! I remember the first meeting I had with Tommy and David Foster in the late 70's. I think David and I were asking for a record deal. Tommy passed on the deal as we were not really ready for such a deal, but that was good in the long run as David and I fell into the RCA AIRPLAY deal by accident.

When Tommy was doing A&R at Warners, it was Tommy's idea to hire me as to co-write and produce songs for the George Benson Collection album, which lead me to co-writing and producing TURN YOUR LOVE AROUD! I really owed Tommy big time for thinking I was the right producer/co-writer for the huge #1 hit!

As for Tommy as a producer, I don't think he was a musician and most of the time, such producers do not have a clue on the musical end BUT he had a sense to what worked well or not and was so easy to get along with regarding producing the artist. I bet every artist that Tommy produced was always pleased with the process! That is a huge compliment! Over many years Tommy and I ran into each other almost once a week in a restaurant we really like and always had a great time talking about most everything. We had many laughs and got along so very well!

I will miss Tommy so very much! So sad he is gone as he will be missed by so many friends! Rest in peace Bro!

February, 2017


A message from Jay:

Hi All,
Needless to say I have been receiving tons of e-mails and posts on Facebook regarding the passing of Alwin Jarreau and I do thank all of you for your kind messages and for offering your condolences.

Al will surely be missed by all! Al was a good person and no need to mention a extremely talented singer!

Some of the best stuff I have produced and co-written songs for was the five albums with Al!

I had spoken with Al less than a year ago as to get together regarding some unfinished business as well as ideas I had for his live gigs. We tried to schedule a meeting but sadly the time frame did not work out. It was on my to-do list and I was going to call him this week!

During our conversation on the phone, we were laughing about some stories and the conversation was very good!

I have been working on an autobiography for years writing down stories as they come to mind and there will be so many stories as to recording sessions, etc.

If there is any good news at this point, there are many songs we recorded that were not released along with alternate takes. This music needs to be heard so I will contact Warner Bros and Rhino noting I am the only person who knows the information as to put together the audio for all to hear.

In closing, Al had a great life and made so many people happy as to his records and concerts!

Rest in Peace Alwin. - Jay Graydon

February, 2017

AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET - Remastered at 96k - Thanks!

A message from Jay:
Thanks to all of you for purchasing the 96k version of the AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET album on my Bandcamp page and thanks also for all of your great and appreciative comments on this enhanced remaster! I really worked hard on making it sound as great as possible and I am very happy with the result.

Right now I am denoising, tweaking, and mixing audio for my very close friend, Phil DeGruy, who is an outstanding solo guitarist in chord melody land! He plays a 17 string guitar and if you have never heard his stuff, go to his website as to check it out.

When done with that project, the next move is to truncate the samples for the incredible "E" Rhodes used on so many recording sessions as the owner George Mamalakis and I partnered up to do the sample library. We are both perfectionists so for the past year the "E" has been tweaked to sound better than ever! George is sampling every note. We will have 19 velocities for each note and no looping meaning the notes sustain until they are silent! George should elaborate as to this. After truncating all notes, we will work out a deal with a major software company as to release for sale.

The next move will be to finally finish the JaR mixes. BTW we have also updated the sessions page on my website with tons of information on recording sessions over the years, with all of the musicians involved and you will surely have fun checking that out!

January, 2017

Screening of HIRED GUN!

Hey all, here is a short message regarding a film, that I am featured in. It is called HIRED GUN and is about studio musicians.

Join director Fran Strine and cast member Ray Parker Jr for a screening of Hired Gun. Jay Graydon is featured in the film and shares really funny stories on the George Benson hit "Turn Your Love Around" with Steve Lukather as well as Jays legendary guitar solo in Steely Dans "Peg"

Portland, OR, on Jan. 28 screening of HIRED GUN.

January, 2017

AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET - Remastered at 96k!


Hi Jay, Downloaded the 96k. Great job! Silky mids and lows, fab eq. Was this entirely in the box or was it via your Neve? A credit to you!


Thanks for the kind words! I am now remembering the full story. All but 2 songs (maybe 3) were recorded analog 48 track (two MCI (modified) 24 track machines linked via time code). The other two songs were recorded via ADAT (a total of 48 tracks).

All songs were mixed through the NEVE 2- 48 (this is the last NEVE manufactured with the very musical warm EQ). SHE JUST CAN'T MAKE UP HER MIND ended up being a rough mix through the NEVE to a DAT 2 track recorder.

Other than SHE JUST CAN'T MAKE UP HER MIND (recorded to a DAT recorder) all other songs were recorded to an Ampex ATR 102 (1/2" tape) analog recorder.

As mentioned, I transferred the analog 2 track master to Pro Tools at 44.1k and 96k 24 bit.

So none of the songs were mixed in the box! I never mix in the box always using the Neve!


As always Jay you are a mine of wonderful information.

AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET - Remastered at 96k!

AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET has been selling well and we are running out of stock so when almost out of stock, CD BABY requests more. That opened a can of worms since the program Kerstin used for the original artwork is out of date so she needed to start over using a new program. Since she needed to redo the artwork, I thought it would be a good idea to re-master the audio.

So I have remastered the album at 96k (more about that work below) and we have set up a Bandcamp page for Jay Graydon - AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET - Remastered at 96k. Welcome to check it out!

When I first set up Pro Tools about 14 years ago I wanted to transfer all analog tapes to Pro Tools as to preserve. The problem with old analog tapes is they won't play as they become sticky as the chemicals used to make tape are part petroleum based. The solution is to have the tapes baked! At that point the tapes will play for about a month. I found all of the analog tapes I could find so after having the tapes baked, I transferred everything into Pro Tools at that time.

I typically recorded the transfers at 44.1k but in some cases, I also recorded at 96k. I asked Kerstin to find out if any company allows 96k audio files to be sold. One of her sons (Stefan) mentioned he uses BANDCAMP for his State Cows albums as they allow 96k files to download!

I thought the re-mastering gig would take a few days BUT it ended up taking 6 weeks, since I am a perfectionist. The concept was to "sculpt" the mastering by automating EQ to make sound as good as possible. I did my best to make the bass sound more "even" as well as bringing up the vocal level on a few songs via EQ, adding some sweet high end frequencies to "open up" some meaning to give it air. Some guitar solos and lines had a bit too much in the 2.5k area so I rode EQ in those spots.

Keep in mind most of the songs were recorded on analogue 2" Scotch 996 tape (at 30 ips), which is the best sounding analog tape ever manufactured! The mixes were recorded on 1/2" Scotch 996 tape (at 30 ips),

Back to the re-mastering, I am just scratching the surface as to describing all of the automated EQ moves I did BUT I must say it was worth the hassle as the album sounds delicious! - Jay

December, 2016


"My very good friend Tim Hosman writes many songs for library companies that place the songs on films, TV shows, jingles, etc. Tim was asked by one of the companies he writes for to do 4 songs in the Sinatra, Ella, etc. style. Tim knows that style is so easy for me to write so I composed the melody/chord changes and Tim wrote great lyrics! Tim hired a good friend of ours (George Stone) to arrange for big band and strings. There are small group versions (trio) as well.

Tim had little time to record the stuff but it sounds great! The male singer on the songs is Rick Riso. I produced the vocal on one song - I Fell In Love Today AKA My Heart Skipped A Beat with Kate Reid - and she is a great singer!

Since the tunes are being used by a library company for placements in films, TV shows etc. they all have 2 titles each as follows ...

  • Swinging For The Fences AKA Swinging For Love
  • I Fell In Love Today AKA My Heart Skipped A Beat
  • Hey Cupid AKA Cupid's Crooner
  • Autumn Breeze AKA My Heartstrings

We had just composed the songs and shortly after that is when I broke my right elbow in half! Ouch! If that had not happened, I may have been more involved as to the production and would have played guitar on the songs in the Freddie Green style (I love to play that style).

The songs have been used in several TV shows, such as PARENTHOOD (Cupid's Crooner), REVENGE (Cupid's Crooner; Swinging For Love; My Heartstrings Trio), ARROW (My Heartstrings Trio), GRACELAND (Swinging For Love Trio), MAGIC CITY (Swinging For Love; My Heartstrings), RAY DONOVAN (Swinging For Love), HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER (Cupids Crooner), AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE (My Heartstrings), and many more. Some of the songs have been used in movies as well.

The songs are released on a compilation album called - Timeless Vocals: The Golden Years - and the tracks can be downloaded at iTunes. The track numbers for our songs are 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the songs, arrangements, etc." - Jay

November, 2016


I have 96k files of Jay Graydon - AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET. Note this album was mixed on Scotch 996 (the best analogue tape ever manufactured) and when transferring to Pro Tools to master, I recorded 44.1k files and 96k files JUST IN CASE THERE WOULD BE FUTURE AUDIO PLAYERS THAT CAN PLAY 96k.

Do any of you know of such a player? Since 96k files with 11 tracks won't fit on a CD, I have no idea to the format to use. Maybe DVD's?

Please drop me a line via my personal assistant Kerstin or comment on my Facebook page since if you know about the options, if there is enough demand, I would gladly do the work to get the 96k audio files available. - Jay


Hey all, for all of you interested in the beautiful sound of the famous legendary "E" Rhodes piano ... have we got news for you!!! Jay Graydon and George Mamalakis, who owns this "Holy Grail" piano are working together on a project, which will knock your socks off!!! Just read on, quality music lovers ...

September 16, 2016


Eric and I go back many years. I wrote to him directly regarding his claim about sampling the actual "E"" Rhodes and I had no doubt that he would willingly change the wording and video information as to his new program, Keyscape, noting the Rhodes samples are not from the famous "E", but instead from another Leeds Rhodes that Eddy Reynolds modified.

Note, we are all friends here and we surely support all of Eric's plugs as all are great! No doubt Keyscape will be an outstanding program (I am very interested in experimenting with the Yamaha C7 he sampled!). Eric was also very kind as to offer an NFR of Keyscape for both George and me. Of course we will give Eric an NFR when our program is ready for release.

In my e-mail to Eric I noted my personal experience as to all of Leeds Rhodes stating the following:

"Please note when David Foster told me about the E, from then on we used it on many sessions as you know, the Eddy mod happened later and I noticed the mod improved the sound around 10%.

I had also heard all of the other Leeds Rhodes on sessions (before and after the Eddy mod) in which I was booked to play guitar. When going into the control room listening to the first playback, I would pay attention to the Rhodes sound in order to find out if any other of Leeds Rhodes modified by Eddy were better. I was hoping to hear one that was as good or close to as good as the E for my production work since after I spread the word about the E, booking it could take a month or more, so the sessions were booked around the availability. Man, I must say none were even close to the E!

I think my own personal (stage model) Rhodes was manufactured around 1973 (maybe a 72) but no matter, as it was average at best. I hired Eddy to mod my Rhodes (soon after the discovery of the E") and like I noticed with all of the others, the sound improved only about 10%. After the mod, my Rhodes has been a dust collector, as I never used it again. Its sitting next to my Arp 2600 that has not been powered up for probably 30 years and Im afraid to turn it on. (g)

Anyway, just noting my experience. I must say that until I play your Rhodes samples in my studio on the big monitors, I am wise enough (maybe I should say old enough ) to reserve judgment!"

We will keep everyone informed as to the progress of our exciting sampling project of the famous E RHODES. Meanwhile, we plan to produce some videos that should be of interest especially to illustrate how the note strikes were struck using a device that George built. He calls it V.E.R.A. (Velocity E Rhodes Actuator) and I am impressed that George designed this incredible mechanism, despite his corny acronym for it! - Jay

September 10, 2016


Please tell all of your friends and websites about the "E" program! Spectrasonics has noted misleading information that could destroy the market of the Famous "E" Rhodes owned by George!

Note huge attention will be paid as to the chorus since as we know that is extremely important to the sound! Most people do not realize the using a square wave as the modulator is the smoothest way to chorus! If you have an ALESIS QUADRAVERB, one of the chorus modulator options is a square wave! The designer of the QUADRAVERB is Marcus Ryle and is a very close friend. When I was beta testing the unit for him he mentioned to check out the square wave modulator I was floored as to the smooth modulation!

Important! Anyone that knows me knows I am a perfectionist. The "E" will not have "looped notes" meaning every sample will sustain until the audio is at -inf! Every note velocity sample will be sampled + 0.3 dB apart meaning the lowest level hit to the extreme hardest attack are in increments of +0.3 dB from each other! This is almost overkill but we want to make sure every possible level of tone change is covered!

We are sampling at 96k/24 bit and of course 88.2k, 48k, and 44.1k will be included in the program. Needless to say the files will be huge! There is so much information to write about and George and I will do so in sections so please check back into my website for upcoming details!

September 9, 2016


We would like to congratulate Eric Persing on the launch of his extraordinary new virtual instrument Keyscape, which is featuring probably the largest selection of collector keyboards in the world. However, although Keyscape has a Rhodes sample, in the video, Eric states the Rhodes sampled is the famous legendary "E" Rhodes, WHICH IS NOT TRUE!

There is only one specific "E" Rhodes electronic piano, which Harold Rhodes called "the most beautiful Rhodes I've ever heard!" - that was the real "E" Rhodes, which was used by all the session musicians of the era on e.g. the Jarreau albums and so many others. After discovering the "E", since none of the other Leeds Rhodes were even close sounding, I would not use any other Rhodes on a session, period!!!!

The owner of this piano, George Mamalakis, and I are currently sampling the "E" and will be releasing the product probably in January 2017. We will post news about this on our websites, so keep hanging around if you are interested in getting the genuine unique legendary "E" Rhodes sound. George and I will note full details as things progress, which will be educational! Feel free to share this info on your own Facebook pages!

Check out George's website on the "E" Rhodes for more info ...

April, 2016


Jay with Hired Gun cats (To see a larger image, just click on the pic.)

Jay Graydon with a few of the musicians, who are featured in the documentary Hired Gun at the pre-screening of the movie at Ray's pad. From right to left, Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, Ray Parker Jr., David Paich, Sylvester Rivers, Fran Strine (director), David Garfield, and a few others. Jay appears briefly here in the promo trailer at 4:01 - Hired Gun Documentary Sizzle (in association w/ Foolish Kings)


Hired Gun is a documentary film about session and touring musicians that are hired by well established and famous bands and artists like Metallica, KISS, and Billy Joel. These hired guns may not be household names, but are still masters of their craft. Session Aces. Keepers of Time. Vocalists. Composers. The sidemen and sidewomen who play the riffs and fills we imitate in the air. When we turn up the radio, chances are we are listening to one of these players. A-listers have them on speed dial. International tour or recording session, who're they gonna call? A "Hired Gun." This feature length one-off documentary introduces the prolific musicians who are virtually unknown to the public. Billy Joel, Whitesnake, P!NK and Metallica are synonymous with their own artistry and success, but who is responsible for their instrumental solos? Who tours with them live? It is the consummate side players who kill it show after show, often playing circles around the actual band members. In "Hired Gun," viewers learn the firsthand stories from individuals who have mastered their craft and perform on the world's biggest stages. This film details the highs and lows of touring life, the demands of hectic session schedules, and the dedication required ...

April, 2016


Jay playing his Bossa guitar

Yea, it is really true! Apart from mixing the songs for the new JaR album Jay has now decided he will take on more guitar work for hire from time to time, so if you think you have a suitable project for him to play on ... go for it!

(To see a larger image, just click on the pic.)

"Lately I have been accepting studio work for guitar parts and solos. I must say I like doing the work as it makes me play guitar more often!

If anyone is interested as to hiring me for such work, and if I think I am the person to play the guitar parts/solos, please contact me through my website or via my Facebook page.

The way I work is the producer, artist, or engineer sends me the session audio files. I create a new session in my Pro Tools HD 3 system and import the audio. When I have finished the work I send the guitar audio files. I work alone in my studio as that allows me to work on the song(s) late at night. There are more details to note when needed. - Jay"

February, 2016


Mike, Jay, Maureen, Luke, Sklar

Left to right: Michael McDonald, Jay Graydon, Maureen McGillan Sklar, Steve Lukather, Lee Sklar. Thanks for allowing us to use your very cool pic, Maureen!

(To see a larger image, just click on the pic.)

Jay having a great night out hanging backstage with the TOTO cats after their gig.



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