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December, 2018

Happy Holidays From Jay!

Hey all,
wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a great new year!!! After having major tech problems this fall I am back to mixing the JaR 2 songs, as well as working on other projects. Most recently I have been playing on a Jarreau tribute album for Larry Williams that will come out next year. Further, we are getting close as to finishing mode of the first release of the "Famous E Piano" sample program.

As you may know I also produced, mixed and mastered the solo album by Phil deGruy. Check it out at Phil's Website

I did an interview with Tim Pierce a few weeks ago, which was filmed and in it I am teaching him how to play the PEG solo. If you are interested, you can watch it on his YouTube channel.

To get you into the holiday mood you may want to listen to my Dad singing his own Christmas song, which I recorded with him in a pop style - Jay and Joe Graydon - On This Christmas Eve

If you are interested in some more music for your Christmas gifts, you will find a few suggestions on my ... Christmas page

See you all next year with hopefully the NEW JaR album finally being released and also a few other projects waiting in the wings ... - Jay


October, 2018

"The Mutual Admiration Society" for Your Grammy Consideration!

As many of you already know, Jay Graydon is a featured guitar player on the track "Strip Mall Gourmet" of this album below - The Mutual Admiration Society.

"For Your Grammy Consideration: The Mutual Admiration Society, an album from Sterling Ball, @jim cox, and @john ferraro. Featuring some of the world's greatest guitarists including @steve vai, @john petrucci, @steve lukather, @steve morse, @albert lee and Jay Graydon. #grammys #FYC"


September, 2018

Airplay remastering 2018 with 3 extra bonus tracks!

Upon request from Sony International, Japan, Jay did this remastering of the AIRPLAY album (released in July 2018) involving several new techniques to enhance and perfect the sonics of the album. It is available as a SACD and as a blue vinyl from various places, among them, these below ...

All data on the songs, releasing label and cat.# is noted in Jay's discography.

Here are a few notes from Jay on how he worked with the remaster this time around.

Hi all of you who like the Airplay album or may have not heard this album, most of you know I have remastered the album a few times over the years. Each time I did so, there was always better electronic tools or Pro Tools plug-ins to use. For this current mastering, I spent 12 weeks as I wanted to reshape the whole sonic concept! In the late 70's and first half of the 80's, recordings had more upper midrange than they do now. One reason Airplay had a lot of upper mids (around 2k to 3k) was David and I thought we had over-produced the album as we had so many guitar and synth parts! The way to get a crowded album to have all parts heard is to add the mentioned frequency on many instruments and vocals.

With the great Pro Tools 3rd party plug-ins such as the FabFilter EQ and Multi-band compressor (and many more plugs), I was able to totally reshape the sonics! I moved the 2 to 3k feature by having the FabFilter multi-band compressor set to tame the 2 to 3k, I used the FF EQ to do the same when needed automating all of the plug-ins as needed to get the sound I was looking for!

Many of the songs needed more bass since in when using vinyl records, the bass creates a wider groove in the record and if the attack is real punchy, (the same for the bass drum), the "spike" could easily make the needle jump out of the groove! With digital audio, that problem does not exist!

Let's back up for a moment. Around 7 months ago, Sony and I thought it would be a good idea to remaster. I think this is the first remastering that used the original 2-track tape instead of a tape copy since when pressing records in other countries, tape copies were made and sent to each country that would release the product.

The original tapes are at Sony (I think in New York) and Sony Japan asked the tape be transferred to digital at 192k-24 bit, which occurred!

When I received the digital files, I was asked to re-master in 4 separate formats, which are ...

  1. 24bit / 96 kHz master as WAV file (including the 3 bonus tracks) for SACD portion of SACD/Hybrid release
  2. 16bit / 44.1 kHz master as one DDP file (including the 3 bonus tracks) for CD portion of SACD/Hybrid release
  3. 24bit / 96 kHz master as WAV file (WITHOUT the bonus tracks) for Side A (Track# 1-5) for Vinyl LP release
  4. 24bit / 96 kHz master as WAV file (WITHOUT the bonus tracks) for Side B (Track# 6-10) for Vinyl LP release

After experimenting with a few songs, I realized Stranded (the 1st song) vocal level would be too low after adding the plug-ins for the total reshaping. One of my best friends is Bill Evans who is a total genius! As part of his PhD research, he created a new type of audio editing program called Belexes that uses augmented reality to explore and edit sounds in three dimensions.

Every waveform you can see in a DAW such as Pro Tools can be broken down into millions of individual sine waves. Once this is done, sound can be edited in three separate dimensions: frequency, time, and amplitude. He now works on a commercial version, invented by his partner Robin Lobel, which runs in two dimensions on ordinary computers. It's called SpectraLayers, and includes a feature they added for my own work.

So back to Stranded. Since I needed the vocal to be as much 5 dB louder than it was, I asked Bill if he could remove the vocal from the instruments and send me both tracks. Actually to do this as good as possible, since there are vocal parts that overlap each other, There are 3 vocal tracks and an instruments track (all are obviously stereo tracks).

Working with SpectraLayers and Steve Oliver at Audioamix (TRAX), Tom (Bill's co-engineer) and Bill separated the three vocals to separate tracks.

Here's the audio of a section of the song before separating the vocals, then a version with just the vocals, and then the full track with the instruments put back together with the new boosted level riding.

You are going to hear some of this sound kind of robotic and other little anomalies BUT when I tweaked the EQ and more, and then mixed back together to one stereo track, almost impossible to notice the vocals were ever removed and added back!!!! - Jay

AUDIO SAMPLES - Before And After Enhancement



A few weeks ago Jay's very good friend and an excellent guitar player, Tim Pierce, visited Jay in the studio for an interview on how to to play the iconic PEG solo, as well as chatting about the gear being used and the recording session with Donald Fagen and Walter Becker of the Steely Dan.

Tim is now sharing the video from the event with all of you in his YouTube channel.

A comment from Jay regarding this event:

Near the end of the video, I did not know Tim was going to use live guitar audio along with my recorded track of the solo. If I knew Tim was going to use my "jam along"¯ audio with the track, I would have tuned up and played a few passes to make sure to get it in tune so please forgive the fact the pitch is not good.

Also, the solo is a remake of the original as I have used it a few times in films and TV interviews. Since it costs big bucks to get a synch license from Warner Bros to use the original, I hired my very close friend, Jay Oliver (excellent keyboardist and composer), who is also outstanding as to re-creating sounds with samplers. etc. Unless the listener pays close attention, you might think this is the original Steely version!


August, 2018


Message from Jay:

Hey all, Jay Graydon here, after many months working with the re-masters for Japan of AIRPLAY and AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET, plus mixing, mastering and co-producing, the new album by Phil deGruy, I finally resumed working on the JaR 2 mixes. Guess what happens next ...?

Two Caps exploded on my Neve V2 (the insert card power rail cap on channels 18&20) and the smoke rising up from the console scared the shit out of me! It sounded like 10 firecrackers and happened twice within 5 minutes of each other! All of those Caps on every module will need to be replaced asap as too old and they suck major current! More will blow up soon if not replaced!

Soon every cap on the console Neve V2-48) will need to be replaced as they fail! There are around 100 per module. This will be the 6th time a full re-capping will happen in over 30 years! A new console would cost 500,000 bucks and for the first six months, there would be problems so that idea is not practical, especially the price!

As soon as I get problems fixed in the studio I start the mixes. I hope no more than a week from Monday as my tech Dave Clark will work this Monday and next Monday as there are always a few problems. I am now heading into the control room to write out notes for Dave as to failed modules, etc. This issue is major! Shit like this happens all the time with big consoles. The more modules, the more the problems build up. Dave is the main Neve tech at Capitol and he is constantly working on 3 Neves!

The trade off of using an analog console with Pro Tools is worth the hassle as the Neve V2 is the last console with the old style Neve EQ that sounds great!

So hang in there, folks, JaR 2 is on the way! - Jay


April, 2018


Once again Jay is one of the guitar judges in Lee Ritenour's Six String Theory Competition, You are welcome to participate in one of the categories - GUITAR, PIANO, BASS or DRUMS. The registration is open until May 31, 2018. Here is a video with Rit talking about the contest.


March, 2018


It may seem very quiet around here, but the truth is Jay is working hard in the studio, and barely has time to come up for air. Here he is with a brief message to you all.

Hey all, Jay Graydon here. Long time since I posted anything, but I am slammed with work in the studio and not much time for anything else. Just a few brief notes as to what is happening ...

The Japan gig with Foz is postponed due to scheduling problems.

So, right now I am
  • remastering the AIRPLAY album for Japan
  • mastering an album for Phil DeGruy
  • working on finishing the famous E-Rhodes sample program - probably 3 months before release
  • mixing the Jar 2 album
  • I will also be a judge in Lee Ritenour's Six String Theory competition


December, 2017


Jay notes:

In the video you just watched or about to watch regarding the marriage of Analog Amplification (my signature Rake Head amp & speaker bottom) and digital (Line 6 Helix I mostly use for a replacement of stomp box effects), I forgot to mention the issue of latency (delay) of digital, obviously the less latency the better.

Before I get into full detail, note that sound travels at approximently1 millisecond per foot. If you are 10 feet away from an analog amp, the sound is delayed to your ears by 10 milliseconds when playing your instrument. We have gotten used to such delay.

The Helix is a digital processor that must use digital to analog and analog to digital converters. The Helix converters induce just 1.1 milliseconds so no big deal. You may think since stomp boxes are analog so no extra delay is in play BUT in this era, many stomp boxes that used to be analog or many new stomp boxes are digital, leading to the fact each digital stomp box induces at least 1.1 milliseconds and maybe more! Further, the converters will typically not be high quality converts that hurt the sound!

The bottom line as to latency is the latency could add a lot of delay!

One more issue to address is noise caused by stomp boxes as well as cables and connectors that dull up the sound. Without getting too technical, impedance loading is in play and more!




"Congratulations to Jay Graydon from all the readers of 'West Coast' Music Magazine who voted "Airplay For The Planet" the Best Reissued Album in our 2017 Award Winners Poll. We are delighted to see this particular album reissued as it is a real favourite amongst west coast music lovers and we are equally looking forward to hearing new material from Jay in 2018 too." - Nick Mawson (Editor)


Hey all, Jay Graydon here.

I just found out about the great news as to Airplay For The Planet has won the Readers Award for "Best Reissued Album Of The Year" in the West Coast Music Magazine!

Wow, what an honor! I thank all of you who voted and again, I am truly honored! If you are interested, this reissue of Airplay for the Planet is available through my website.

I am once again reminded that even though the business part of the music business can be a drag, the bottom line in my job is to make people happy through my music!

Some of you may have seen the movie, Hired Gun. The studio musician sections were short and early touched on, which is good as before the timing of that movie, for a few years, I had been thinking and writing an outline for a documentary of the 1st call studio musicians, background singers, etc. from the 70's through the late 80's — that was the last era of musical songs where players had to be the best of the best! Other than the interviews with all the great musicians, singers, etc. there will be interviews with the artists that were/are stars as to the importance of the studio musicians/singers. Now for the best part! We will record songs from the era the same way we did before Pro Tools help! The viewing audience will be in the control room and studio hearing and watching everything that happens in such sessions! There will be humor for sure and stories only we know!

Also, when you read this, I will finally be mixing the JaR album Code! The odds are good the album will be released by spring.

Further, I have been working on a book for years writing out stories as I think of them. Hopefully that will get released sometime next year.

Thanks again for the huge honor!

Your musical pal, Jay



New message from Jay;

Hey all, I have been a beta tester for Toontrack since the first Superior Drummer program came out. I just set up Superior 3 and I must tell you this is by far the best sounding and flexible drum program ever! The midi is perfectly accurate and no inverted phase issues. I am extremely impressed!!!! Check out the program as I think you’ll love it!

Superior Drummer 3 at Toontrack


November, 2017


New message from Jay;

If you did not know, George (the owner of the famous E Rhodes) and I have been working on sampling the one and only "E" for nearly 2 years. The full story will be noted when we release the product, which will be as soon as possible. We are in negotiations as to the deal and as soon as that gets wrapped up, we will release for sale!

George and I have listened to every sampled Rhodes we know of. None stand up to the "E". Spectrasonics released a video for their program, Keyscapes. They claim to have sampled the famous "E", which is not true! We contacted the company and asked they stop advertising their Rhodes as the "E" but I think the video still exists. No matter as again, the "E" will be released very soon!

We sampled at 96k 24 bit and will render down to 88.2, 48, and 44.1 so if using other than 96k, there will be no real time rendering down, which helps save DSP power. We did not do any looping as each sample sustains in full!

We are perfectionists so we did not take any shortcuts! Again, the full story when released.

It is fact that any program is only as good as the weakest link in the audio chain - in this case, there is no weak link! Most importantly is the sound source (the instrument sampled)! I have heard/played at least 100 Fender Rhodes over the years and there is no doubt the "E" is the best ever!

Listen to the Al Jarreau - JARREAU - album if you want to hear the sound.

No need to take my word as the person that has heard more Fender Rhodes than anyone is the designer, Harold Rhodes! Over the years Harold was told by many people he should hear the famous "E" so he drove to George's home to listen to it. Harold said it is the best Rhodes he had ever heard!



As previously announced, the next live gig with B3PIO (Jay Graydon, Greg Mathieson, Raplh Humphrey, Jerry Watts, Jr.) will be on November 9 at the Baked Potato! Hope to be seeing you there!

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go" .... and here are our recommendations for a wonderful holiday season with the best music you can get your hands on.

October, 2017


We have now set up a Facebook page for the B3PIO band which will note all about the band, like the latest news, bios, and pics. Later on maybe videos and merch as well. There you will also find upcoming gig dates and info on how to book tickets. Since the shows often sell out, best to go to the Baked Potato site and buy tickets in advance. There are two sets and if the 2nd set does not sell out, you can stay for the 2nd set, but to make sure you hear both sets, it would be a good move to buy tickets for both.



Here below a link to a brief video clip with Jay talking about his PEG solo on the Steely Dan album AJA. This clip is taken from the highly acclaimed documentary HIRED GUN, by director/producer Fran Strine.

Video IconJay Graydon VIDEO CLIP from HIRED GUN! The video opens up in a new frame.


Facebook Banner for HIRED GUN



Baked Potato Sign for B3PIO

(To see a larger image, just click on the pic.)

The live gig with B3PIO band on October 19, had a secret guest as noted below. Jay says "The Spud gig is so much fun!" and Greg says on his Facebook page ...

"Hi FB Friends, man the band played great last night and "Jake the Rake" played his ass off! So did everyone!!! I GOT ME A NEW BAND. ALSO, BILL CHAMPLIN sat in for two songs and tore it up. Man he is funky and soulful. So here is the deal.....we're playing 11/9/17 and I'm gonna try to have a guest at every show but it's gonna be a secret. So, you're just gonna have to come to the gig and see who it is!!!!! Come out and support your local musicians! - GROOVING HARD GREG"

Sooo, music lovers, don't miss out on getting tickets for the next gig at the Spud with this band - B3PIO (Jay Graydon, Greg Mathieson, Ralph Humphrey, Jerry Watts Jr.) plus a secret guest!!! Again, the date is November 9, the venue is small, so be sure to get tix in time!!!



Time again for a live gig at the Baked Potato on October 19 with B3PIO - Greg Mathieson, Ralph Humphrey, Jerry Watts Jr., featuring Jay Graydon. Best to book tickets in advance since the venue is small and both shows were sold out the last time.



New message from Jay;

"Presenting TITANS OF RADIO - a film about the soundtrack to your life. Featuring, David Foster, Ray Parker Jr., Steve Lukather, and myself. This film will be an all access pass to behind the scenes and include re-records of a lot of the hits!

The exciting part of all this and why we are on Kickstarter is, YOU can be a part of this historic production! Check it out here below!


Not only will you hear the stories of how we formed and shaped these songs from the ground up, but we will actually re-record and bring in super star guests to join in on the recordings! Can you imagine some of these songs re-recorded on film with artists like Lady GaGa, Bruno Mars, Adam Levin or a host of other super stars to sing on the track? By contributing to this Kickstarter program you will receive a unique perk and enable us to start production!"

September, 2017


New message from Jay;

"The AIRPLAY gig with Foz at Budokan has been moved to March or May of next year. I will post more details as they become available, and when the date is set, I will be doing a seminar at a Yamaha studio (or a small concert room) 1 or 2 days before the concert. The room will hold around 100 people. We will announce the details as soon as we know when the concert will happen.

My next live gig will be on October 19 with the band B3PIO at the Baked Potato. The venue is small so best get tickets in advance!"



A message from Jay:

"Hey all, I know so many of you are waiting for the new JaR album, and as you know I am working on the final mixes at this point, BUT there are soooooo many other things to do at the same time, like doing endorsement videos, teaching my fellow guitarists how to play the solos on a few AIRPLAY songs for the gig at Budokan with Foz November 28, doing interviews, phone calls, emails, writing new songs, working on my autobiography ... etc. etc. ... You get the drift.

Having said that, we will give you a little teaser of the new JaR album - a cool video based on the title song CODE, recently filmed by Bennett Ryle, who did an excellent job!!! Hope you enjoy it!!!!"



"So very sad to hear Walter passed away as Steely Dan has helped keep quality music alive in a huge way! Donald says he will keep SD going, which is great!" - Jay

As most of you know Jay played the legendary solo on the Steely Dan song "PEG", where he, as the 7th or 8th soloist was the one who nailed it. Donald and Walter are discussing the making of PEG in this video.



"Ooops, the 96k remastered CD of AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET sold out quickly, BUT we have now pressed up a new batch, so not a problem any longer. The remaster is available for purchase through my website. I know that many of you already own this album in older versions, but this remaster is sooo much better, as many of you have already discovered. Thanks sooo much for your support and great reviews!!!" - Jay

August, 2017


AIRPLAY - David Foster and Jay Graydon - will reunite at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, for a few songs in the "David Foster and Friends" show on November 28, 2017.

Jay's comments:

"The Japan gig is a David Foster and Friends show and we will do 4 Airplay songs. I am working on setting up a seminar the day before (probably at a Yamaha center) which will include tickets for the gig (good VIP seats), Meet and Greet with me, everyone can ask me questions, and the chance of coming to a rehearsal or sound check. I will probably have a bunch of hand burned 1st generation CD's of mine to sign for everyone. It may be limited to around 100 people but could be more. I will note details as things unfold."



Here are a few more pics from the Spud gig on August 10. Thanks to Richard (Rick) Cuilty and Raffi Christopher Donoyan for letting us use your photos. Thanks also to Toshi Yanagi, great guitarist, who plays in the Jimmy Kimmel TV SHOW band. He took the 3 pics in the last row.

Your next chance to see and hear the band B3PIO live at the Baked Potato will be on October 19 or possibly already in September. If so, we will of course keep you posted here on the site, so stay tuned music lovers!

(To see a larger image, just click on the pic.)

Spud Gig Pic by Rick Cuilty Spud Gig Pic by Rick Cuilty Spud Gig Pic by Rick Cuilty
Spud Gig Pic Spud Gig Pic by Rick Cuilty Spud Gig Pic
Spud Gig Pic by Toshi Yanagi Spud Gig Pic by Toshi Yanagi Spud Gig Pic by Toshi Yanagi



The Baked Potato Sign by Jerry Watts
The B3PIO Band
Jay Playing with Greg

Jay played a live gig with the new band B3PIO with Greg Mathieson, Ralph Humphrey, and Jerry Watts Jr. on August 10 at The Baked Potato in Studio City. The jazz club was crowded as both sets were sold out and a great time was had by all.

The photographs from the gig are used by permission of the guys who took them. Our thanks go to Jerry Watts Jr. for the first two pics, and to David Goldstein for pic 3. We really appreciate you letting us use your photos, guys!

(To see a larger image, just click on the pic.)

Jay's comments about the gig ...

I assume most of you know I have not played live in many years. Greg begged me to do the gig so I practiced for a month every night and I must say it was worth doing so as I feel I played fairly well and had a great time!

The band B3PIO consists of the following outstanding musicians: Greg Mathieson (Organ and Clavinet), Ralph Humphrey (Drums), and Jerry Watts (Bass). One would not expect the following — we did not have a rehearsal as a band!

Back to the gig at the Baked Potato. The next gig we have at the Baked Potato (we call it, The Spud) is October 19th. Since both shows sold out quickly, if anyone wants to come to the upcoming gig, best to book tickets on line.

It is possible we may play a gig sooner if any band cancels their gig in September.

Here's a quick story as to the history of the band.

Greg and I met in college and quickly became very good friends and worked so many gigs together for a few years and when not working, we jammed often. We jammed with a few different drummers and bass players. Ralph was one of those drummers as I worked with Ralph in the Don Ellis band for a few years.

I remember when Greg first brought a chart for his composition entitled, LMNOP. That was probably 45 years ago! That was the beginning of Greg's band so to speak.

Dan Sawyer (outstanding studio guitarist if you did not know that) was the next guitarist in the band. Then I introduced Greg to Carlton and Carlton was next. After a while, Steve Lukather was the next outstanding guitarist in the band, and then Mike Landau (obviously another outstanding guitarist). So at this point, obviously I am now the guitarist after nearly 50 years ago! As to drummers, I can't remember who was first when Greg became serious as to the band but Jeff Porcaro soon became the drummer in the band. After that I think Abe Laboriel Jr. was next and then Vinnie. So similar to me, Ralph is back in the band! Very ironic the three of us are playing together again!

Abe Laboriel Sr. was the bassist in the band around the time Jeff Porcaro was in the band but no longer as Jerry Watts in now the bassist. I met him last night on the gig and he is an outstanding bassist and a great person!

Now that I feel my playing is getting back to what it should be, I want to play more often so once again I am available for hire to play solos and guitar parts via files sent to me.

In any case, I am really digging playing guitar often these days!

July, 2017


The HIRED GUN documentary will now be released on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD - available August 1!

If you missed your opportunity to see this film last month, follow one of these links to pre-order your copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

You can check out pictures and video clips from the movie on Facebook and on the documentary website as well!

April, 2017


Rivera is reissuing the Rake Head May 2017! This is the Jay Graydon signature tone machine that was originally released almost 20 years ago! Only 25 will be made!

From the Rivera website ...

The Jay Graydon Signature Rake Head is back! Resurrected for an ultra limited run. We're building only 25 pieces and then they're gone. You want the Steely Dan tone and more, this amp is for you! And, don't think this amp is only a late 70's early 80's king of tones. The Rake is also known for it's ultra smooth high-gain with thick-mids sonic signature. Tuned by legendary Jay Graydon (LA session guitarist for Air Supply, George Benson, Al Jarreau, DeBarge, El DeBarge, Sheena Easton, Art Garfunkel, Manhattan Transfer, Johnny Mathis, Patti LaBelle, Lou Rawls, Kenny Rogers, Dionne Warwick, Barbara Streisand, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, The Jackson Five, Cheap Trick, Christopher Cross, Ray Charles, Donna Summer, Cher, Joe Cocker, Marvin Gaye, Hall & Oates, Olivia Newton-John, and Albert King, just to name a few).

Here is a video interview with Paul Rivera Jr. in which Jay explains why he loves this amp.

More on the Jay Graydon Signature Rake Head reissue on the Rivera site

March, 2017


Jay with Jonah at Garden Rake Studios

(To see a larger image, just click on the pic.)

Jonah (Dirty Loops) was in LA for a few days, so we got together for a dinner hang the other night and then went to my studio and took this pic. Always great to hang out with him talking about music and other fun stuff.


March, 2017


A message from Jay:

It seems too many of our era are passing!

Tommy was a very kind person with a great attitude!! I remember the first meeting I had with Tommy and David Foster in the late 70's. I think David and I were asking for a record deal. Tommy passed on the deal as we were not really ready for such a deal, but that was good in the long run as David and I fell into the RCA AIRPLAY deal by accident.

When Tommy was doing A&R at Warners, it was Tommy's idea to hire me as to co-write and produce songs for the George Benson Collection album, which lead me to co-writing and producing TURN YOUR LOVE AROUD! I really owed Tommy big time for thinking I was the right producer/co-writer for the huge #1 hit!

As for Tommy as a producer, I don't think he was a musician and most of the time, such producers do not have a clue on the musical end BUT he had a sense to what worked well or not and was so easy to get along with regarding producing the artist. I bet every artist that Tommy produced was always pleased with the process! That is a huge compliment! Over many years Tommy and I ran into each other almost once a week in a restaurant we really like and always had a great time talking about most everything. We had many laughs and got along so very well!

I will miss Tommy so very much! So sad he is gone as he will be missed by so many friends! Rest in peace Bro!

February, 2017


A message from Jay:

Hi All,
Needless to say I have been receiving tons of e-mails and posts on Facebook regarding the passing of Alwin Jarreau and I do thank all of you for your kind messages and for offering your condolences.

Al will surely be missed by all! Al was a good person and no need to mention a extremely talented singer!

Some of the best stuff I have produced and co-written songs for was the five albums with Al!

I had spoken with Al less than a year ago as to get together regarding some unfinished business as well as ideas I had for his live gigs. We tried to schedule a meeting but sadly the time frame did not work out. It was on my to-do list and I was going to call him this week!

During our conversation on the phone, we were laughing about some stories and the conversation was very good!

I have been working on an autobiography for years writing down stories as they come to mind and there will be so many stories as to recording sessions, etc.

If there is any good news at this point, there are many songs we recorded that were not released along with alternate takes. This music needs to be heard so I will contact Warner Bros and Rhino noting I am the only person who knows the information as to put together the audio for all to hear.

In closing, Al had a great life and made so many people happy as to his records and concerts!

Rest in Peace Alwin. - Jay Graydon

February, 2017

AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET - Remastered at 96k - Thanks!

A message from Jay:
Thanks to all of you for purchasing the 96k version of the AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET album on my Bandcamp page and thanks also for all of your great and appreciative comments on this enhanced remaster! I really worked hard on making it sound as great as possible and I am very happy with the result.

Right now I am denoising, tweaking, and mixing audio for my very close friend, Phil DeGruy, who is an outstanding solo guitarist in chord melody land! He plays a 17 string guitar and if you have never heard his stuff, go to his website as to check it out.

When done with that project, the next move is to truncate the samples for the incredible "E" Rhodes used on so many recording sessions as the owner George Mamalakis and I partnered up to do the sample library. We are both perfectionists so for the past year the "E" has been tweaked to sound better than ever! George is sampling every note. We will have 19 velocities for each note and no looping meaning the notes sustain until they are silent! George should elaborate as to this. After truncating all notes, we will work out a deal with a major software company as to release for sale.

The next move will be to finally finish the JaR mixes. BTW we have also updated the sessions page on my website with tons of information on recording sessions over the years, with all of the musicians involved and you will surely have fun checking that out!

January, 2017

Screening of HIRED GUN!

Hey all, here is a short message regarding a film, that I am featured in. It is called HIRED GUN and is about studio musicians.

Join director Fran Strine and cast member Ray Parker Jr for a screening of Hired Gun. Jay Graydon is featured in the film and shares really funny stories on the George Benson hit "Turn Your Love Around" with Steve Lukather as well as Jay’s legendary guitar solo in Steely Dan’s "Peg"…

Portland, OR, on Jan. 28 screening of HIRED GUN.

January, 2017

AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET - Remastered at 96k!


Hi Jay, Downloaded the 96k. Great job! Silky mids and lows, fab eq. Was this entirely in the box or was it via your Neve? A credit to you!


Thanks for the kind words! I am now remembering the full story. All but 2 songs (maybe 3) were recorded analog 48 track (two MCI (modified) 24 track machines linked via time code). The other two songs were recorded via ADAT (a total of 48 tracks).

All songs were mixed through the NEVE 2- 48 (this is the last NEVE manufactured with the very musical warm EQ). SHE JUST CAN'T MAKE UP HER MIND ended up being a rough mix through the NEVE to a DAT 2 track recorder.

Other than SHE JUST CAN'T MAKE UP HER MIND (recorded to a DAT recorder) all other songs were recorded to an Ampex ATR 102 (1/2" tape) analog recorder.

As mentioned, I transferred the analog 2 track master to Pro Tools at 44.1k and 96k 24 bit.

So none of the songs were mixed in the box! I never mix in the box always using the Neve!


As always Jay you are a mine of wonderful information.

AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET - Remastered at 96k!

AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET has been selling well and we are running out of stock so when almost out of stock, CD BABY requests more. That opened a can of worms since the program Kerstin used for the original artwork is out of date so she needed to start over using a new program. Since she needed to redo the artwork, I thought it would be a good idea to re-master the audio.

So I have remastered the album at 96k (more about that work below) and we have set up a Bandcamp page for Jay Graydon - AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET - Remastered at 96k. Welcome to check it out!

When I first set up Pro Tools about 14 years ago I wanted to transfer all analog tapes to Pro Tools as to preserve. The problem with old analog tapes is they won't play as they become sticky as the chemicals used to make tape are part petroleum based. The solution is to have the tapes baked! At that point the tapes will play for about a month. I found all of the analog tapes I could find so after having the tapes baked, I transferred everything into Pro Tools at that time.

I typically recorded the transfers at 44.1k but in some cases, I also recorded at 96k. I asked Kerstin to find out if any company allows 96k audio files to be sold. One of her sons (Stefan) mentioned he uses BANDCAMP for his State Cows albums as they allow 96k files to download!

I thought the re-mastering gig would take a few days BUT it ended up taking 6 weeks, since I am a perfectionist. The concept was to "sculpt" the mastering by automating EQ to make sound as good as possible. I did my best to make the bass sound more "even" as well as bringing up the vocal level on a few songs via EQ, adding some sweet high end frequencies to "open up" some meaning to give it air. Some guitar solos and lines had a bit too much in the 2.5k area so I rode EQ in those spots.

Keep in mind most of the songs were recorded on analogue 2" Scotch 996 tape (at 30 ips), which is the best sounding analog tape ever manufactured! The mixes were recorded on 1/2" Scotch 996 tape (at 30 ips),

Back to the re-mastering, I am just scratching the surface as to describing all of the automated EQ moves I did BUT I must say it was worth the hassle as the album sounds delicious! - Jay

December, 2016


"My very good friend Tim Hosman writes many songs for library companies that place the songs on films, TV shows, jingles, etc. Tim was asked by one of the companies he writes for to do 4 songs in the Sinatra, Ella, etc. style. Tim knows that style is so easy for me to write so I composed the melody/chord changes and Tim wrote great lyrics! Tim hired a good friend of ours (George Stone) to arrange for big band and strings. There are small group versions (trio) as well.

Tim had little time to record the stuff but it sounds great! The male singer on the songs is Rick Riso. I produced the vocal on one song - I Fell In Love Today AKA My Heart Skipped A Beat with Kate Reid - and she is a great singer!

Since the tunes are being used by a library company for placements in films, TV shows etc. they all have 2 titles each as follows ...

  • Swinging For The Fences AKA Swinging For Love
  • I Fell In Love Today AKA My Heart Skipped A Beat
  • Hey Cupid AKA Cupid's Crooner
  • Autumn Breeze AKA My Heartstrings

We had just composed the songs and shortly after that is when I broke my right elbow in half! Ouch! If that had not happened, I may have been more involved as to the production and would have played guitar on the songs in the Freddie Green style (I love to play that style).

The songs have been used in several TV shows, such as PARENTHOOD (Cupid's Crooner), REVENGE (Cupid's Crooner; Swinging For Love; My Heartstrings Trio), ARROW (My Heartstrings Trio), GRACELAND (Swinging For Love Trio), MAGIC CITY (Swinging For Love; My Heartstrings), RAY DONOVAN (Swinging For Love), HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER (Cupid’s Crooner), AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE (My Heartstrings), and many more. Some of the songs have been used in movies as well.

The songs are released on a compilation album called - Timeless Vocals: The Golden Years - and the tracks can be downloaded at iTunes. The track numbers for our songs are 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the songs, arrangements, etc." - Jay

November, 2016


I have 96k files of Jay Graydon - AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET. Note this album was mixed on Scotch 996 (the best analogue tape ever manufactured) and when transferring to Pro Tools to master, I recorded 44.1k files and 96k files JUST IN CASE THERE WOULD BE FUTURE AUDIO PLAYERS THAT CAN PLAY 96k.

Do any of you know of such a player? Since 96k files with 11 tracks won't fit on a CD, I have no idea to the format to use. Maybe DVD's?

Please drop me a line via my personal assistant Kerstin or comment on my Facebook page since if you know about the options, if there is enough demand, I would gladly do the work to get the 96k audio files available. - Jay


Hey all, for all of you interested in the beautiful sound of the famous legendary "E" Rhodes piano ... have we got news for you!!! Jay Graydon and George Mamalakis, who owns this "Holy Grail" piano are working together on a project, which will knock your socks off!!! Just read on, quality music lovers ...

September 16, 2016


Eric and I go back many years. I wrote to him directly regarding his claim about sampling the actual "E"" Rhodes and I had no doubt that he would willingly change the wording and video information as to his new program, Keyscape, noting the Rhodes samples are not from the famous "E", but instead from another Leeds Rhodes that Eddy Reynolds modified.

Note, we are all friends here and we surely support all of Eric's plugs as all are great! No doubt Keyscape will be an outstanding program (I am very interested in experimenting with the Yamaha C7 he sampled!). Eric was also very kind as to offer an NFR of Keyscape for both George and me. Of course we will give Eric an NFR when our program is ready for release.

In my e-mail to Eric I noted my personal experience as to all of Leeds Rhodes stating the following:

"Please note when David Foster told me about the "E", from then on we used it on many sessions as you know, the Eddy mod happened later and I noticed the mod improved the sound around 10%.

I had also heard all of the other Leeds Rhodes on sessions (before and after the Eddy mod) in which I was booked to play guitar. When going into the control room listening to the first playback, I would pay attention to the Rhodes sound in order to find out if any other of Leeds Rhodes modified by Eddy were better. I was hoping to hear one that was as good or close to as good as the "E" for my production work since after I spread the word about the "E", booking it could take a month or more, so the sessions were booked around the availability. Man, I must say none were even close to the "E"!

I think my own personal (stage model) Rhodes was manufactured around 1973 (maybe a 72) but no matter, as it was average at best. I hired Eddy to mod my Rhodes (soon after the discovery of the "E") and like I noticed with all of the others, the sound improved only about 10%. After the mod, my Rhodes has been a dust collector, as I never used it again. It’s sitting next to my Arp 2600 that has not been powered up for probably 30 years and I’m afraid to turn it on. (g)

Anyway, just noting my experience. I must say that until I play your Rhodes samples in my studio on the big monitors, I am wise enough (maybe I should say "old enough" ) to reserve judgment!"

We will keep everyone informed as to the progress of our exciting sampling project of the famous E RHODES. Meanwhile, we plan to produce some videos that should be of interest — especially to illustrate how the note strikes were struck using a device that George built. He calls it V.E.R.A. (Velocity E Rhodes Actuator) and I am impressed that George designed this incredible mechanism, despite his corny acronym for it! - Jay

September 10, 2016


Please tell all of your friends and websites about the "E" program! Spectrasonics has noted misleading information that could destroy the market of the Famous "E" Rhodes owned by George!

Note huge attention will be paid as to the chorus since as we know that is extremely important to the sound! Most people do not realize the using a square wave as the modulator is the smoothest way to chorus! If you have an ALESIS QUADRAVERB, one of the chorus modulator options is a square wave! The designer of the QUADRAVERB is Marcus Ryle and is a very close friend. When I was beta testing the unit for him he mentioned to check out the square wave modulator — I was floored as to the smooth modulation!

Important! Anyone that knows me knows I am a perfectionist. The "E" will not have "looped notes" meaning every sample will sustain until the audio is at -inf! Every note velocity sample will be sampled + 0.3 dB apart meaning the lowest level hit to the extreme hardest attack are in increments of +0.3 dB from each other! This is almost overkill but we want to make sure every possible level of tone change is covered!

We are sampling at 96k/24 bit and of course 88.2k, 48k, and 44.1k will be included in the program. Needless to say the files will be huge! There is so much information to write about and George and I will do so in sections so please check back into my website for upcoming details!

September 9, 2016


We would like to congratulate Eric Persing on the launch of his extraordinary new virtual instrument Keyscape, which is featuring probably the largest selection of collector keyboards in the world. However, although Keyscape has a Rhodes sample, in the video, Eric states the Rhodes sampled is the famous legendary "E" Rhodes, WHICH IS NOT TRUE!

There is only one specific "E" Rhodes electronic piano, which Harold Rhodes called "the most beautiful Rhodes I've ever heard!" - that was the real "E" Rhodes, which was used by all the session musicians of the era on e.g. the Jarreau albums and so many others. After discovering the "E", since none of the other Leeds Rhodes were even close sounding, I would not use any other Rhodes on a session, period!!!!

The owner of this piano, George Mamalakis, and I are currently sampling the "E" and will be releasing the product probably in January 2017. We will post news about this on our websites, so keep hanging around if you are interested in getting the genuine unique legendary "E" Rhodes sound. George and I will note full details as things progress, which will be educational! Feel free to share this info on your own Facebook pages!

Check out George's website on the "E" Rhodes for more info ...

April, 2016


Jay with Hired Gun cats (To see a larger image, just click on the pic.)

Jay Graydon with a few of the musicians, who are featured in the documentary Hired Gun at the pre-screening of the movie at Ray's pad. From right to left, Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, Ray Parker Jr., David Paich, Sylvester Rivers, Fran Strine (director), David Garfield, and a few others. Jay appears briefly here in the promo trailer at 4:01 - Hired Gun Documentary Sizzle (in association w/ Foolish Kings)


Hired Gun is a documentary film about session and touring musicians that are hired by well established and famous bands and artists like Metallica, KISS, and Billy Joel. These hired guns may not be household names, but are still masters of their craft. Session Aces. Keepers of Time. Vocalists. Composers. The sidemen and sidewomen who play the riffs and fills we imitate in the air. When we turn up the radio, chances are we are listening to one of these players. A-listers have them on speed dial. International tour or recording session, who're they gonna call? A "Hired Gun." This feature length one-off documentary introduces the prolific musicians who are virtually unknown to the public. Billy Joel, Whitesnake, P!NK and Metallica are synonymous with their own artistry and success, but who is responsible for their instrumental solos? Who tours with them live? It is the consummate side players who kill it show after show, often playing circles around the actual band members. In "Hired Gun," viewers learn the firsthand stories from individuals who have mastered their craft and perform on the world's biggest stages. This film details the highs and lows of touring life, the demands of hectic session schedules, and the dedication required ...

April, 2016


Jay playing his Bossa guitar

Yea, it is really true! Apart from mixing the songs for the new JaR album Jay has now decided he will take on more guitar work for hire from time to time, so if you think you have a suitable project for him to play on ... go for it!

(To see a larger image, just click on the pic.)

"Lately I have been accepting studio work for guitar parts and solos. I must say I like doing the work as it makes me play guitar more often!

If anyone is interested as to hiring me for such work, and if I think I am the person to play the guitar parts/solos, please contact me through my website or via my Facebook page.

The way I work is the producer, artist, or engineer sends me the session audio files. I create a new session in my Pro Tools HD 3 system and import the audio. When I have finished the work I send the guitar audio files. I work alone in my studio as that allows me to work on the song(s) late at night. There are more details to note when needed. - Jay"

February, 2016


Mike, Jay, Maureen, Luke, Sklar

Left to right: Michael McDonald, Jay Graydon, Maureen McGillan Sklar, Steve Lukather, Lee Sklar. Thanks for allowing us to use your very cool pic, Maureen!

(To see a larger image, just click on the pic.)

Jay having a great night out hanging backstage with the TOTO cats after their gig.


April, 2016

The passing of Prince

In my book, I think Prince had one major strength, which is he seemed to have a very deep well as to songwriting not repeating himself. That is a gift for sure!

No doubt he was responsible for helping to shape pop music in the 80's (to me, that was the last era of artist musical freedom before radio hired companies to test songs and supply radio with weekly play lists).

I have a story that may be of interest. I produced many albums for artists on Warner Brothers. Lenny Waronker was the president in the 80's and I was close with Lenny. I was in his office for a meeting and somehow our conversation switched to talking about Prince. At the time, "When Doves Cry" was a hit, Lenny noted Prince had a meeting with Lenny and played a rough mix of "When Doves Cry". Prince was concerned that he did not use a bass on the song and asked what Lenny thought. Lenny's answer was perfect as he said something like, "There is low end in the track as the bass drum is covering that frequency area." That made Prince feel secure as to not having a bass instrument and the rest is history as the song was released without bass.

Kerstin just sent me the audio of "You're My Love", which is a song that Prince wrote under the pseudonym Joey Coco, for the Kenny Rogers album "They Don't Make Them Like They Used To", which I produced. The song is musical as there are a few hip chords. I can't remember if those chords were on his demo. Probably not as Robbie Buchanan arranged the song and since Robbie is very musical, he probably added the hip chord changes. I remember Kenny has good pitch so recording the vocals was fairly easy. I remember Kenny asked me to call El Debarge as to sing BG vocals. El is a great singer and he did a good job on the track. - Jay

March, 2016

A Message from Jay

For all of you musicians, over the years there has been two hit songs in which something occurred as to chord changes. In both cases, I can't remember hearing such events.
  1. Probably in the late 60's or 70's, there exists a song with many chord changes in which the "root" chord (the 1 chord) is never played.
  2. There is a song in which the #4 diminished is used for the 5 chord. When the song gets to the 4 chord and then to the #4 diminished chord, the melody is the same note on both chords (common tone), which ties in the two chord changes as to not notice the #4 diminished chord as being strange.

See if you can figure out the title to each song.

Now that I have baited you all, please note that on the next JaR album I am now mixing, there is song in which to figure out the code within the lyrics.

So here it is ...

The final decision on compressing or not compressing the new JaR CD

Ran and I will not compress the mixes as the majority has spoken. At least 90% of people voted for no compression leading to the fact our fanbase are clearly interested in quality audio!

Also, there are audio compressor apps for iPhones, etc. so if you want to put the audio in such apps for a louder level, you can.

We also suggest the CD is a much better way to go as to the audio as it will not get any better than that format at this point in time.

The only reason I can think of as to compressing mixes is if your audio system has a broken volume control stuck on the lowest level. Yes, that is a joke but check this out! I have played CD's in my studio with the monitor level down as far as it can go — the audio was too loud! Ouch! - Jay


February, 2016


SSTLee Ritenour's Six String Theory Guitar Competition Jay has again been invited to be a a judge in the jazz guitar category of Lee Ritenour's SIX STRING THEORY competition 2016. The competition is a great opportunity for aspiring musicians (in guitar, bass, piano & drums). This is your chance to win incredible prizes and priceless professional opportunities!

Guitar Contest Prizes
The 6 guitar finalists will all be considered for the "Berklee College of Music Scholarship Opportunity" (see Guitar Rules for details, criteria & eligibility)

The Grand Prize Guitar Winner:

First choice of One(1) Yamaha acoustic, classical, or electric guitar ... Recording a track on Lee Ritenour’s forthcoming album to be recorded in Autumn 2016. Travel, lodging and stipend are included in the prize. The recording will take place at the incredible Woodshed Recording Studio in Malibu, California. One of the most beautiful and unique studios in Southern California, complete with state of the art equipment and ... the prize list goes on and on ...

Registration Opens for Applicants on January 15, 2016 and Closes on May 15, 2016.

January, 2016

The Tinseltown Tracks presents PRODUCED BY JAY GRAYDON brought to you by Massimo M. Milano - critic / musicologist / researcher, who notes the following ...
"The program will be broadcast in live streaming on Friday, Jan. 8, at 9 PM (GMT +1) — the time of Rome, Madrid and Paris — on "Radio Flash Live!" (www.radioflash.to) and will be repeated on Sunday, Jan. 10, at 2 PM (GMT +1). It will also be available in podcast by activating the RSS Feed Reader on the browser Google Chrome - visit: https://www.radioflash.to/programmi/thetinseltowntracks/ and click on "Podcast"). Radio Flash 97.6 can also be heard in live streaming through the app "TuneIn" or directly in FM if you live in Italy."



Jay, Rit, Steve, Trev

Greetings to all of you from Jay Graydon, Lee Ritenour, Steve Lukather and Trev Lukather!

Jay, Rit, Luke and Trev were recently hanging out at the vegan restaurant Gracias Madre in West Hollywood, having a great time together, with many laughs and stories shared.

(To see a larger image, just click on the pic.)



December, 2015


Happy holidays to all of you good people who appreciate quality music!

Please know I truly appreciate your kind support as to my music and I hope when listening to the audio it makes you happy. I realized many years ago my purpose in life is to make people happy through music. Here's a story that made me realize that fact.

Many years ago I was walking through a mall and Twilight Zone/Twilight Tone (from one of the Manhattan Transfer albums I produced, etc.) was playing throughout the mall. I noticed a janitor that was sweeping the floor was also dancing! I watched the guy for about a minute thinking I had brought happiness to him while he was working!

The business part of the music business can be a drag but the final product of making people happy overrides the sometimes stressful business issues. I think of the above story often as a reminder it's all worth it!

Just finished the first JaR song mix! Since Ran and I want the stuff to sound great I take my time as to mixing. I will start on the next mix tomorrow. - Jay

November, 2015

With heavy hearts we are posting this:

I am saddened to note Sherwood Ball has passed away.

Many times over the years I had told Sherwood he is on a very short list of the best singers of all time! If Stevie Wonder had heard Sherwood sing, Stevie would agree!

Sherwood could sing in any style and only a handful of white singers can sing R&B and make it funky and totally believable! Sherwood was also a very good guitarist!

Sherwood was like a brother to me! A very generous person with a heart of gold!

In 1994 and 1996 I put together a band to tour Japan, Sweden, and Norway. Sherwood was surely a key factor as to the band as a guitarist and singer! So many fond memories of our time together.

As to celebrate Sherwood's talent, a few years ago I decided to do a musical experiment as to the song, Day In, Day Out for a project we called Crank Sinatra. Sherwood sang the song and nailed the vocal as always!

I'm not in the mood to note all of the details as to why and how the process went. This track has been available through my website and CD Baby, This is not the time for a business pitch so here is the mix for free. Pass along to anyone you like that would want to hear Sherwood singing in the Sinatra Style with his own "feel". Sherwood Ball singing Day In - Day Out

Rest in peace Sherwood.


November, 2015


Yay, finally we can look forward to the second JaR album being finished!!! Jay is currently very busy mixing the songs and if we are lucky the JaR album may be ready for release by the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016. Wohoo!!!

JaR is Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum. Jay and Randy have worked together for many years and having written songs like e.g. GIVE IT UP for DeBarge, HAUNTING ME for Dave Grusin, PLEASURE OVER PAIN and HEART'S HORIZON for Al Jarrreau, LOST WITHOUT HER LOVE for El DeBarge and the super hit WHO'S HOLDING DONNA NOW for DeBarge, they realized they should become a band, to write more songs together and release on their own record label. So they formed the supergroup JaR and released their first album SCENE 29 in 2008, which received rave reviews for the superb songs and stellar production.

Now it is sooooooon time for the next JaR album and you will not be disappointed I assure you. So many new great songs to enjoy!!

Stay tuned for more updates as things unfold!!!

August, 2015


Jay Graydon All Stars 20th Anniversary Edition

The Japan/Scandinavia Tours 1994 and 1996 with documentary bonus material

A Region Free 4 DVD box set, having a few flashbacks from the 1994 and 1996 actual concert footage, a fun and informational band reunion hang at Garden Rake Studios 20 years later, filmed by Todd Homme, and a lot of bonus material, such as for instance a complete explanation by Jay Graydon on how to play his "Peg" solo, as well as a very cool jam session in Jay's garden from 1989 with great musicians, including Steve Lukather, and so much more.

This Region Free 4 DVD box set is now available at e.g. Amazon!

This Region Free 4 DVD box set is now available at Amazon!

Ooops, the DVD box sold out in less than 2 days, a second "emergency refill" in just 1 more day, but as of now, Aug. 20, there is a larger restock available!!!

Wow! We sold out in two days BUT not a problem as I will ship more today. We have asked our distributor if pre orders are OK since we do not want to stop the flow AND we will order many more from the pressing plant. With the pre orders we will know how many to have pressed up right away along with many more to have in stock. Kerstin and I are very happy that all of you are excited about the project! - Thanks soooooooo much, Jay

Here is a link to the first review of the DVD box set.

Jay's comments on the 4 DVD box set:

The 20th anniversary 4 DVD box set is finally available! Here’s the link to buy it JAY GRAYDON ALL STARS - 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION Kerstin worked so many hours on the video editing, etc.! I did my best as to make the audio sound as good as possible.

During all of the work, every time I have watched to check edits, etc., the humor in the documentary is still funny. I'm glad the video from my 40th surprise birthday party has survived as you will hear jamming with Luke, Sherwood Ball, Jim Cox, Ralph Humphrey, Sterling Ball, and me. Sterling Ball headed up roasting me and some very funny stuff. It's so cool to see the late Tommy Tedesco roasting me and the stories we get into. David Foster is involved in the roast as well as some of the other guys.

Note the bowling segment is kind of a joke so skip over it if you are not into bowling.

I finally did a full explanation of the Peg guitar solo for the guitarists that care to learn the solo.

When I hear the music from the concerts in Japan and Sweden I am reminded of how well everyone played! In the documentary we note how the guys learned their parts and the idea I came up with as the way to rehearse the songs. All of the original parts and vocals that were recorded on the Airplay For The Planet CD were played on the concerts hence the reason for 9 musicians and singers. I could have used less musicians but I really wanted to not leave any parts out or cheating with using pre-recorded tape.

The bottom line is if you are into West Coast Pop and want to hear stories about how all of this went down, some really funny humor, get insight to the guys in the band and how relationships formed from then on, I think you will enjoy the near 4 hours of video. - Jay

May, 2015


Jay Graydon is featured in the upcoming documentary movie HIRED GUN - about the unsung heroes of the recording studios, the hard working studio session players during the mid 70s to mid 80s. It is all about the session and touring musicians that well established and famous bands and artists would hire. These people may not be household names, but are still top notch performers! Millions of fans have seen them and listened to them play the music of the famous stars who hire them. They are the "First Call, A-list" musicians that have played for Alice Cooper, P!nk, Metallica, KISS, Ozzy Osbourne, Bon Jovi, Cheap Trick, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, and more! They are the best session players and back up musicians in the world. But who are they really? Most of them make a living in relative obscurity. They are a diverse lot with vastly different backgrounds and experience in the music world. Some take the road less traveled, and some try to take the road to stardom. Most do not make it but some do. Their stories are told for the first time.

The documentary also features Jay's musician colleagues Steve Lukather, Ray Parker Jr, David Foster, Steve Vai, and many more. Before embarking on his long and successful career as a top notch songwriter and producer, Jay was an A-list session musician and played on countless recordings with famous bands and artists, such as The Jackson Five, Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, The Osmonds, Cheap Trick, Ray Charles, Paul Anka, Donna Summer, Dionne Warwick, Barry White, Cher, Don Ellis, The Miracles, Four Tops, Steely Dan, Kenny Rogers, Donovan, Joe Cocker, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, and so many more. David Foster, known today as a genius songwriter and master pop producer, was a hired gun as well in his early days, playing keyboards for Skylark and George Harrison. David teamed up with Jay Graydon, to form the band AIRPLAY and from then on they have written gazillions of songs together, among them the Grammy winner "After The Love Has(Is) Gone", which became a number 1 hit for Earth, Wind & Fire, and was co-written with Bill Champlin, plus numerous top hits for DeBarge, George Benson, Al Jarreau, Manhattan Transfer, and many others.

The movie is now in the final editing stages and has received a lot of attention at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

May, 2015


"It has been more than a year since Kerstin and I talked about doing a 20th anniversary for the 1994-1996 Jay Graydon All Stars tour in a documentary style. I called the guys that played on the gigs and set up a date to video with the guys that were in town. My good friend Todd Homme videoed the hang! We have at least three hours of us talking about the gigs and so much more!

Kerstin learned a video editing program and the grunt work began. On my end, I re-mastered the audio for the concerts and also mastered all other audio use in the documentary. I would send audio files to Kerstin and she would synch into the video.

By now, most of you know that Kerstin is my incredible web master, personal assistant, Sr. VP of Sonic Thrust Records, and much more! Kerstin has spent countless hours editing this stuff! She has made the concert video look better than the source video! We went back and forth as to what to use and not use. Every time we thought we were finished, Kerstin would find a way to make the video look better and we continued adding or pulling material.

I was hanging out with Marc Jordan and his wife Amy a few months ago and Marc mentioned he had video from my 40th surprise birthday party videoed by Amy. They gave me a copy but it was only like 5 minutes. I then remembered that I had a VHS tape that was filmed for the party. I transferred it to digital and sent it to Kerstin to edit. I think the full party video is like 1:20. We chose to use 27 minutes of the footage that includes a "roast" hosted by Sterling Ball (affectionately known as Biff). I was roasted by David Foster, Luke, Tommy Tedesco, Tommy Funderburk, and Ralph Humphrey. Some of it is stories and not so much of a roast. We then "jammed" and the band included, Sherwood Ball, Biff Ball, Jim Cox, Ralph Humphrey, Gigi (Sherwood's girlfriend of the era), Luke and myself.

Note the birthday party was a real surprise! My girlfriend of the time (Valerie) had pulled off the surprise as she had two other parties the two previous days, so I suspected nothing! She really pulled it off and I sure was surprised! At some point Kerstin and I will put up some more of the party on the web site. The documentary stuff is loaded with great stories along with some of the songs filmed at the gigs and then the roast and jam stuff.

Kerstin is almost finished putting together the final edit and we are thinking we will be able to release the DVD package in June!

I hope you dig this as Kerstin and me spent countless hours to make this happen." - Jay


October, 2014


Apart from working on the new JaR album, Jay has been very busy working on a few other projects lately and one of them is writing movie music. Together with his songwriting partners Randy Goodrum and Timothy Hosman, Jay Graydon has written a dance-pop song in the style of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and the like, for the family motion picture GIBBY, which will be released in June 2015, but the song is already available at Amazon. They are releasing the song HOTTER THAN HOT as the band JAKE & The Rum Man and it is available as a digital download at Amazon as well as on iTunes and other digital distribution partners.

JAKE & The Rum Man - Hotter Than Hot



  • Label: Sonic Thrust Records
  • Cat. no: STRCD-011
  • Release date: October 2014
  • UPC 889211137251


Over the years Jay has written songs in so many genres, R&B, pop, westcoast pop, AOR, straight-ahead jazz, crooner jazz, bebop, smooth jazz, surf, etc. This is a totally new genre for him, as you know, and no doubt he masters this style as well. The writer of the movie story is Greg Lyon and it is about 14-15 year old kids as described below:

A young teenage girl, Katie, cannot snap out of her depression after losing her mother. Katie has lost interest in school, her friends, and gymnastics. All that changes in the summer when she is asked to monkeysit Gibby, her science teacher's Capuchin monkey. Taking care of the monkey changes her life in a big way. Gibby's happy-go-lucky personality renews Katie's zest for life. Gibby helps her with gymnastics, renewing friendships (including finding a potential boyfriend) and overcoming her nemesis, a mean girl who is out to beat Katie at everything. The song HOTTER THAN HOT comes into the movie at a dance party just when the girls take over the scene and start dancing and singing. The main character Katie is glad that she decided to attend the dance, hang with her friends, and is really enjoying herself. The climax of the night is this song – HOTTER THAN HOT - reflecting how great life can be.

March, 2014


Six String 
Theory Press Release

Jay has been invited to be a a judge in the jazz guitar category of Lee Ritenour's SIX STRING THEORY competition. The competition is a great opportunity for aspiring musicians (in guitar, bass, piano & drums) as the winners will perform as Lee's opener at this summer's Montreux Jazz Festival as well as Berklee scholarships and much more. This is your chance to win incredible prizes and priceless professional opportunities!

November, 2013


Jay Graydon at Garden Rake Studios - November 2013

I met with Jay the other day at Garden Rake Studios and can reveal the great news that he is finally getting better and could even play his new Bossa guitar some which you can see from this picture. (click on the thumbnail pic to get a larger version).

Wohoo In Jay's own words ...

I'm sorry to have not responded to all that want to know about my broken elbow and shoulder fracture condition as I have been busy working on a project you may be interested in. More on the project real soon. So as to my broken bones, my two surgeons say the bones are healing properly. I go to rehab twice a week as to learn exercises and get stretched as to get back motion and muscle. The stuff can be painful but it is a must. Swelling will continue for quite some time as that is the last part of the healing process. My right hand and fingers have some numbness, which bothers me more than the pain. The good news is I can play guitar but there are a few limitations. In any case, I notice improvements on all levels every few days, which makes me very happy!

I have started mixing some of the JaR songs even though Randy and I have two more songs to complete. Those songs are not yet complete because I need to work out guitar parts and play solos and I want to do that work when I feel my guitar playing is good enough.

I really appreciate your concern and the kind words all of you have noted. You give me inspiration as to work hard to get back to being fully functional! - All best, Jay

September, 2013


Not all our Hot News! are good news, unfortunately, and here is a message from Jay:

In the last week of August I was power-walking and must have tripped. I went to a local emergency room and X-rays were performed. Half of my right elbow had broken off along with another fracture in the same area. Further, a fracture in my right shoulder. A temporary splint was put in place.

My two favorite doctors at UCLA Hospital set up an appointment with the best hand/elbow surgeon. Two days later I went in for surgery as to have my elbow bones put back together using plates and screws. The surgeon said the procedure went well.

A week later an appointment was set up with the best shoulder surgeon. He recommends surgery but says it will heal if no operation. If no operation I risk less upper arm movement but should not affect my guitar playing. I don't want to go through more surgery at this point so I will do rehab instead.

At this point, I have very limited movement in my arm and the pain is bad. The recovery will take at least two months and rehab starts next week. I’m hoping I will be able to play guitar as before the accident.

In any case, such is life and glad to still be on the planet. - Jay

May, 2013


While we are eagerly waiting for the upcoming JaR album - here is finally the previously announced "Down the Rhodes: The Fender Rhodes Story" webisode in which Jay elaborates around the E-Rhodes, shares with us how he came up with the chorus for TURN YOUR LOVE AROUND, and a whole lot more. Enjoy!

February, 2013


Jay has been busy in the studio working on the JaR album as well as testing out his new Bossa signature guitar, which we will soon tell you more about. Hang around for pics and specs. Yea, one might think that would be more than enough for one man, but on top of that, Jay has also been doing some exquisite guitar work on other artists' projects. Here below are his own thoughts on what is happening in Jay Graydon land at this point ...


"The new JaR CD will hopefully be finished around summertime and possibly earlier.

The main problem with producing and writing stuff is I only play guitar about 5% of the time in the studio and very little time to practice. My new Bossa signature guitar (two models) are now available and I have acquired some other guitars as well and want to play guitar more often. As to make that happen, I have started making myself more available as to play session overdubs in my studio for other people's projects.

A few weeks ago I played a guitar solo for STATE COWS and played rhythm guitar and a solo for URS WIESENDANGER, who is producing Thierry Condor.

Both artists mentioned are very good!" - Jay


Check out more comments on the above on the Jay Graydon Facebook page.

November, 2012


I know it has been kind of quiet around here for a while but that does not mean Jay has been idle and twiddling his thumbs during that time. On the contrary, apart from recording songs for the second JaR album, he has been very busy writing songs in various genres, e.g. a bunch of pop songs and most recently 4 new jazz tunes (Sinatra style) with Tim Hosman, which all sound superb.

But of course Jay has also had a night off hanging with these cats...wow, check out these great musicians all in one picture at a party at Ray Parker Jr.'s house for Sylvester Rivers' birthday.

Click on the thumbnail for larger version of the pic. Left to right, Ray Parker Jr. Jimmie Haskell, Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon (obviously), Lee Ritenour and in front Craig T. Cooper, who took the picture. The birthday boy himself - Sylvester Rivers - was somewhere else in the house when this pic was taken, though.

Jay Graydon at Sylvester Rivers B-day Party Jay:
"Man, there were so many great first call musicians at the party! So many fun stories that night as to so many record dates in the studios! Hey Craig, thanks for passing along the picture!"

Photo © Craig T. Cooper. All rights reserved.

March, 2012


"I met Glenn Ferris in college and he is an outstanding trombonist He plays "outside" jazz like no one else. Glenn was responsible for getting me in the Don Ellis band along with Jock Ellis, Jon Clark and others.

Glenn has been living in Paris for around 25 years making a living playing jazz, which is no easy task anywhere. When Jock knew Glenn was coming to LA, he set up the hang with the guys.

Jock (trombone) and Fred (alto sax) were in the Don Ellis band. John Heard is an outstanding jazz bass player and has played with all of the jazz stars over the years. We were both in a band with George Duke in the early 70's for an album and a few gigs."

Click on the thumbnails for larger versions of the pics. Left to right in both pics, Andrew Lippman, Harry Kim, Glenn Ferris, Jock Ellis, Arturo Velasco, Fred Selden, John Heard, Jay Graydon.

Jay Graydon at Glenn Ferris hang Jay Graydon at Glenn Ferris hang

Photos © Jock Ellis. All rights reserved.

February 27, 2012


"For those of you that have not heard Dirty Loops, do yourself a favor and google the videos! These guys are simply amazing on all levels!

I recently heard them live playing a showcase in LA and was floored as I expected!

  • Jonah (vocals and keyboards) is beyond belief as his singing has no range limits and his "licks" would get Stevie Wonder's attention! His keyboard solos clearly show he could be a jazz star if he wanted to take that musical route!
  • Aaron (drums) clearly shows he can play current pop styles in an outstanding fashion and has major jazz chops as well! The key to any drummer is the "feel" and "pocket". Aaron defines such terms!
  • Henrik (bass) is unlike any bassist I have ever heard! He can play the current pop stuff through jazz as good as it gets and his solos are not typical bass solos — more like a sax player!

My good friends Bill and Tamara Champlin put together a dinner party at their house with the guys and we had so much fun talking about music, telling stories and jokes. Bill and Tamara's son Will came by later and joined the party. Btw, if you have not heard Will Champlin play keyboards and sing, google him as he is amazing!"

Here below Jay is sharing with you a few pics from the dinner hang at the Bill and Tamara Champlin residence. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions of the pics.

Dirty Loops with Jay Graydon and the Champlins Dinner hang with the Champlins, Jay Graydon and Dirty Loops. Left to right, Jay, Jonah, Will, Henrik, Tamara, Rocky, Aaron, and Bill. Bill Champlin, Jay Graydon and Dirty Loops Bill Champlin and Jay Graydon with the Dirty Loops cats - Henrik, Aaron, and Jonah.
Peekaboo Jay playing peek-a-boo... ehhh?... with the photographer with Dirty Loops wondering what is happening in the background... Jay Graydon explaining how stuff works Jay (to the right) explaining how stuff works for the Dirty Loops cats, left to right Jonah, Henrik, and Aaron.

Photos © Denise Marie Luko.

February 20, 2012


As usual the Anaheim Convention Center in CA was packed with people enjoying the shows and exhibitions at the annual NAMM show 2012. Jay met with many of his musician buddies in the crowd and here below he shares a few pics with you. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions of the pics.

Playin' New Toy Playin' new toy at NAMM 2012. Left to right, Bobby Cochran, Jay Graydon, Tom Hemby, Drew Montell (Ernie Ball engineer) and Robert (Bob) Wolstein - also an engineer at Ernie Ball, who headed up the design of the physical electronics in The Game Changer. All the cats want to play... Bobby Cochran, Jay, Tom Hemby at NAMM 2012 Bobby Cochran is trying to introduce to Jay Graydon a totally new way of handling the fingerboard to achieve the ultimate guitar sound, but neither Jay nor Tom Hemby is really taking this lesson seriously.
Tom's Sticky Fingers Jay trying to play but Tom's sticky fingers seem to be glued to the fretboard... a complicated double handed chord will be the outcome... Boyz Havin' Fun Yea, so many toys, so little time... the boys are havin' fun for sure. Jay laughing his a-- off with Tom Hemby who is also slightly amused. To the right, Christoph (Chris) Kemper (designer of the Kemper guitar amp sound modeler).

Photos © Shirley Rogers

October 19, 2011


The second part of an interview Anders Rydholm of Grand Illusion did with Jay Graydon at Garden Rake Studios. Here Jay talks about his philosophy as a music producer and how he works with the artists and musicians in the producing situation.

October 2, 2011


Jay Graydon,Ole Børud and his wife Hilde

"There are times when The Phantom leaves the jungle and walks the street like an ordinary man"

... or rather ...

... as in Jay's case... leaves the recording studio and goes out to dine with nice people, like e.g. the other night, when Jay had dinner at Toscana in LA with the superb Norwegian westcoast/AOR/fusion singer (think Pages) Ole Børud and his wife Hilde.

They had a good time and Ole asked questions about Airplay and Pages, and they also talked about studio work, and about how they dig the bands Dirty Loops and State Cows.

Photo © Denise Marie Luko.

July 30, 2011

A Note Regarding the AIRPLAY Versions

Since we are frequently getting questions regarding the difference between the various AIRPLAY releases over the years, here is what Jay has to say about it...

For those of you that like the AIRPLAY CD, the most current version remastering is so much better than any previous version. If you are interested, the latest edition is released on October 19, 2010, by Sony, Japan, and here is the link to Amazon... - Jay

October 20, 2010

Remastered AIRPLAY Released

Sony Music Entertainment, Japan, has re-released the original AIRPLAY album - the 30th Anniversary Special Edition, remastered by Jay Graydon now in August, and with liner notes written by Jay, who is reminiscing the song concepts, stories and recording sessions.

Apart from Jay Graydon, David Foster and Tommy Funderburk, the musicians on the album are: Jeff Porcaro, Mike Baird, David Hungate, Steve Lukather, Ray Parker Jr., Steve Porcaro, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Lew McCreary, Bill Reichenbach, Steve Madaio, Charlie Loper, Bill Champlin, Tom Kelly, Max Gronenthal.

The album is currently available at e.g. Amazon.com.

Anders Rydholm of Grand Illusion interviewed Jay in his studio in August 2010. Jay Graydon talks about how the Airplay album came about and his work with David Foster.

September 4, 2010

JAY GRAYDON WORKS - compilation soon to be released

Sony Entertainment, Japan, is releasing the compilation album "Jay Graydon Works" with 18 great tracks by various artists, carefully selected by Toshi Nakada of Cool Sound. Some of the tracks are rare songs from albums that have been out of print for many years, featuring Jay's versatility as a songwriter, producer, guitar player and more.

The tracks on this compilation are as follows:

  • AIRPLAY "Stranded" from Airplay (1980:RCA)
  • AIRPLAY "Should We Carry On" from Airplay (1980:RCA)
  • KENNY ROGERS "This Love We Share" from They Don't Make Them Like They Used To (1986:RCA)
  • DIONNE WARWICK "For You" from Friends In Love (1982:Arista)
  • AIR SUPPLY "I Can Wait Forever" from Ghostbusters(OST) (1984:Arista)
  • BOZ SCAGGS "Then She Walked Away" from Down Two Then Left (1977:Columbia)
  • EARTH, WIND & FIRE "After The Love Has Gone" from I Am (1979:Columbia)
  • HERBIE HANCOCK "Paradise" from Lite Me Up (1982:Columbia)
  • VALERIE CARTER "What's Become Of Us" from Wild Child (1978:ARC)
  • BILL CHAMPLIN "What Good Is Love" from Single (1978:Epic/Full Moon)
  • GEORGE BENSON "Turn Your Love Around" from The George Benson Collection (1981:Warner)
  • AL JARREAU "Mornin'" from Jarreau (1983:WEA)
  • STEVE KIPNER "The Ending" from Knock The Walls Down (1979:Elektra)
  • THE MANHATTAN TRANSFER "Twilight Zone ~ Twilight Tone" from Extensions (1979:Atlantic)
  • MARC JORDAN "I'm A Camera" from Blue Desert (1979:Warner)
  • EL DEBARGE "Someone" from El DeBarge (1986:Motown)
  • PETER ALLEN "Pass This Time" from Bi-Coastal (1980:A&M)
  • PAGES "Fearless" from Pages (1981:Capitol)

August 29, 2010

Two RHYTHM HERITAGE Albums To Be Released

Universal, Japan, will soon release 2 Rhythm Heritage albums - SKY'S THE LIMIT and DISCO DERBY. This is actually the first time these rare recordings are released on CD. Rhythm Heritage was formed in 1975 by producer Steve Barri and session keyboardist Michael Omartian, and included bassist Scott Edwards and drummer Ed Greene. Other musicians who played on some of their recordings included Ben Benay, Victor Feldman, Jay Graydon, James Jamerson, Ray Parker Jr., Dean Parks, and Bob Walden.

Apart from being one of the session players, Jay Graydon wrote 2 songs which are included on each one of the albums - FLOAT ON BY and DO YOU MAKE LOVE LIKE YOU DANCE. The genre is disco-funk and Rhythm Heritage was best known for disco funk versions of themes from movies and television cop shows. Their maybe greatest hit was the 1976 U.S. #1 single "Theme from "S.W.A.T."

August 15, 2010

Remastered AIRPLAY plus a JAY GRAYDON COMPILATION To Be Released

Sony Music Entertainment, Japan, will release 2 Jay Graydon albums on October 13. One of them is a reissue of the original AIRPLAY album, remastered by Jay Graydon now in August, and with liner notes written by Jay, who is reminiscing the song concepts, stories and recording sessions.

The second album "Jay Graydon Works" (title subject to change) will have around 18 tracks, carefully selected by Toshi Nakada of Cool Sound for Sony, and will show Jay Graydon's versatility as a songwriter, producer, guitar player and more. Some of the tracks on the compilation are rare songs from albums that have been out of print for many years. This compilation album will be released on the same date as the AIRPLAY reissue. Stay tuned for more details as things unfold!

July 16, 2010

NEW JaR video on YouTube

The songs for the second JaR album are coming along nicely and while we all hunger for new listening pleasures, we may enjoy many great songs from the first album - SCENE 29 - e.g. this lovely powerful ballad - WORLDS APART - featuring an impossible love story, as noted in the magificent lyric.

June 19, 2010

Check out Jay's NEW guitar solo

The STATE COWS album is now released and you will be happy to hear Jay's awesome and truly inspired guitar solo and fills on the song NEW YORK TOWN.

April 25, 2010

NEW JaR video on YouTube

As you know Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum are two hard working cats and right now they are deep into writing and recording songs for the second JaR album, i.e. apart from doing a lot of other non-related JaR stuff. In any case, while waiting for the new album, we thought you might enjoy this video, which is featuring the title song on the first JaR album - SCENE 29. This song has a brilliant film noir lyric. You may want to read the story behind the concept of the SCENE 29 album cover as well.

December 23, 2009

Jay Graydon Instructional Video Available NOW

Jay Graydon Instructional Video The Jay Graydon instructional video Airplay for the Planet - the video is now available from Amazon.

The DVD is partly based on the much sought after instructional video (VHS format) Guitar Play For The Planet released in Japan only (1995) and out of print since many years. Jay talks about a few of the solos on his album Airplay for the Planet and demonstrates how to play them. He also elaborates on his favorite licks, what to consider when buying amps and talks about his signature guitar. The DVD is released in an extremely limited edition so keep hanging around for news on the release date, to make sure you won't miss out on this very rare item. Check out a cool clip from the video.

September 6, 2009

Two of Jay's Top Jarreau Albums Re-released

Friday Music has remastered and re-released the two much sought after albums JARREAU and HIGH CRIME. Jay has produced, arranged and engineered both albums and is playing guitars and synths as well. On JARREAU Jay co-wrote the songs - Mornin', Save Me, Step By Step, Black And Blues, Trouble In Paradise, Love Is Waiting, + also the bonus track - I Keep Callin'. On HIGH CRIME Jay co-wrote the songs - Raging Waters, Imagination, Tell Me, After All, High Crime, Let's Pretend, Sticky Wicket, Fallin'.

The album JARREAU was Grammy nominated for Best Engineered Recording and the songs Mornin' and Step by Step were Grammy nominated as Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocals. Needless to say Jay Graydon was the arranger. Yea, Jay was also nominated Producer Of The Year the same year.

August 13, 2009

Jay Graydon Interviewed in Performing Musician

Jay is featured in the latest issue (Aug. 2009) of PERFORMING MUSICIAN. The first part of the interview is posted online, but to read the whole interview and see the pictures, you need to get the magazine from your nearest store carrying international music press.

Please note there is a fact error in the feature. Jay's first solo album is called AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET and nothing else.In the feature they are incorrectly mentioning one of the songs on that album - HOLDIN' ON TO LOVE - as the album title.

June 28, 2009

Jay Graydon in 3 Major Music Magazines

Jay is featured in the May issue of the French magazine MUSIQ as well as in Scandinavia's number one and only guitar magazine FUZZ.

JaR - SCENE 29 is featured the Summer issue of JAZZIZ in the ON DISC section with the song ESQUIRE. All magazines available in stores carrying international music press.

April 17, 2009

Jay and Foz Working on AIRPLAY

How about some old pics from the AIRPLAY recording sessions back in the day?! Yea, I thought you would surely like that. So check out David Foster and Jay discussing recording issues while David Hungate is listening in the background (holding a coffee mug).

The second picture shows Keith Olsen and Jay at the console when recording the basic tracks of the AIRPLAY album at Davlen Sound Studios in Sherman Oaks, California.

As you all you know the final result is known as the Westcoast music BIBLE - AIRPLAY by Airplay. If you do not already have it - go get it!

Airplay recording photos taken by Andy Zuckerman. Thanks, Andy Great pics

April 13, 2009

Jay and Foz Dining

Just wanted to share with you this wonderful picture of one of those rare moments when Jay Graydon and David Foster are able to find a time slot, when they can get together and grab a bite at Jay's favorite Italian restaurant (last week as a matter of fact.)

Photo © Denise Marie Luko.

Inside MusiCast Ad

March 28, 2009

Live interview podcast with Jay Graydon at Inside MusiCast

Jay is being interviewed by Eddy Cabello and Rick Such of Inside MusiCast and the full podcast is available in the following listening options: iTunes; Podtrac Player; Download MP3
The below is a facsimile from Inside MusiCast


Jay Graydon
Redefining Westcoast Music...One Hit A Time

One thing we know about West Coast Music is that its following is much, much bigger than the name implies. It’s more like Global-Coast Music, due to the fact that diehard fans are found at every corner of the globe. At the heart of it all you find a man who continues to stoke the fires of a sound that is a sophisticated mixture of R&B, Rock, Pop and Jazz – Grammy-winning Jay Graydon. His name is found in the credits of tracks and albums that have gone gold, platinum and even multi-platinum. With long-time collaborations with friends like David Foster, George Benson, Al Jarreau, and Steely Dan, Graydon has positioned himself as one of the most creative songwriters, producers, and session guitarists on the LA scene, while continuing to pave his own road with Nashville resident and writing partner, Randy Goodrum. They’re the brains behind JaR, a collaboration of two of the best musical heads in the industry who have released 'Scene 29', an album that any West Coast Music fan most certainly has in their audio collection. From Airplay For The Planet to Earth, Wind & Fire’s After The Love Has Gone, Graydon has delivered just what West Coast fans have asked for over the years. Inside MusiCast welcomes Jay Graydon.


February 15, 2009

Jay Graydon Goes Sinatra

Now what on earth do we mean by that??? Well, actually we mean just what it says, as Jay is releasing a NEW recording - an excellent rendition of the Bloom/Mercer song DAY IN - DAY OUT - as performed by Frank Sinatra and the Nelson Riddle Orchestra, but in Jay's version with the amazing SHERWOOD BALL on vocals and JAY GRAYDON playing all the horn parts on guitar. Yea, you heard me - all the brass, sax, and horn parts are played by Jay on GUITARS! The title of this release is CRANK SINATRA - available as a digital download at Amazon.

Here is what Jay is saying about his recording experiment...

So around the middle of 2008, I happened to watch a Frank Sinatra TV special filmed in the mid 1960’s. The opening song is Day In – Day Out. As always, Frank sang great and the Nelson Riddle arrangement was perfect for the era! What a great team they were!

I dug the musicality so much I watched over and over and then began thinking what it would sound like to play the horn parts on guitar playing one part at a time as an experiment. With that in mind, I decided to take on the task of being a one-man band. The experiment turned out to be much fun and the result is a sound of guitars I had not heard before.

So why Crank Sinatra? Well, in guitar land, I cranked up the guitar amp volume for the brass sound hence Crank Sinatra. - Jay

January 11, 2009

JaR - SCENE 29 Released in Japan with BONUS Track

Pony Canyon in Japan has now released JaR - SCENE 29 with a BONUS track! The bonus track is a song titled - SOMETIMES YOU WIN - written by Randy Goodrum and Jay Graydon. Links to sound bites available here. The bonus song is track 12. Yes, a lovely ballad as you will hear!

December 23, 2008

AIRPLAY - Airplay Now Available on SHM-CD

Most of you do not need any further explanation about this CLASSIC masterpiece, which is now (2008) being released by BMG Japan in SHM-CD (Super High Material CD - playable on all CD players) pressing, but for anyone new to the genre, here is a fan review from Amazon on AIRPLAY.

The No 1 Westcoast Album

By Catherine Goltz "a music lover" (Washington DC)

By "west coast" I mean music from California that is more adult contemporary not as in west coast rap. Or AOR (Adult Oriented Rock) as Japanese people call it. For starts two of the greatest producers of this style David Foster and Jay Graydon play, sing and write most of the songs. Two should be familiar "Nothin' You Can Do About It" originally on the Jay Graydon- produced Extensions and the EWF classic "After the Love Has (or is it "Is") Gone sung here by all three writers including Bill Champlin. Also joining in the fun is most of Toto, the horns from Seawind and Tommy Funderburk and Tom Kelly on vocals. It comes with an exclusive interview with the creators who comment on each song in the style of a DVD audio commentary.

December 20, 2008

STR and JaRZONE Records Songs Now on iTunes

All songs released on SONIC THRUST RECORDS over the years, as well as all songs from Jay's current successful collaboration with Randy Goodrum as the new supergroup JaR, are now available as digital downloads from various third party services. We have provided you with direct links from each song to iTunes, to simplify the search for you, i.e. no search needed at all. Just click on the iTunes icon next to the song title and you will get to the downloading page on iTunes.

For the SONIC THRUST RECORDS songs you will find those links on the label page and as for the JaR songs you will find them on the album page. In other words easy as pie to get instant music satisfaction.

And oh, the video we promised you... I assume you have already found it since posted all over the place, but if not... here is the link to the YOUR HEARTBREAK video again.


December 9, 2008

JaR Now Available in MP3 Format

JaR - SCENE 29

Jay Graydon's current highly successful collaboration with top-notch songwriter and artist Randy Goodrum as the new supergroup JaR is getting rave reviews. Their debut album SCENE 29 is available as a physical album as well as an mp3 download at Amazon.

Stay tuned for a very cool video from one of the JaR recording sessions coming up soooooon!!!

... and guess what, music lovers.... if we are really lucky we may get ONE MORE tasty recording from Jay before Christmas - an exciting experiment with guitars and a great singer and... naaah, my lips are sealed... keep hanging around and all shall be revealed as things unfold...

November 6, 2008

Download Jay Graydon's Christmas Song


Yes, it is actually true!!! Apart from the new album SCENE 29 with Randy Goodrum as the supergroup JaR, which is getting raving reviews, Jay Graydon has released the wonderful Christmas ballad - ON THIS CHRISTMAS EVE - that he recorded together with his dad Joe Graydon in 1996, which has been requested by so many people over the years.

The song is now available as a digital download at Amazon.

Also available on iTunes and other downloading services

Jay & Joe Graydon - On This Christmas Eve - On This Christmas Eve

October 1, 2008

JaR - SCENE 29 - now released

As promised the long awaited masterpiece album - SCENE 29 by JaR alias JAY GRAYDON and RANDY GOODRUM - is now released and can be ordered from Amazon!!!

If you typically rank your favorite albums according to the classic milestones - Airplay- AIRPLAY and Donald Fagen-THE NIGHTFLY, you will now have a NEW standard to measure music by - JaR-SCENE 29. Go listen to a few sound bites the songs and you will surely agree with Bill Champlin, who was totally stoked when hearing the JaR songs. Here is his comment:

"JaR's new album, Scene 29, is gonna' be one of those albums that you can gauge your "I'm Hip" quotient by how much earlier you've heard it than your friends. I think this album will eventually be considered the flagship of the new music. The new music is what is created after the "suits" gave up on the "biz". Anyway, I've known these guys for years and I had no idea that this stuff was in there. Well, now it's out here and we're all happy about it. Man, it's rare to play an album and still have your heart racing an hour later, especially someone else's album. Good work, guys." - Bill Champlin

Visit JaRZONE for more info on the band and the new album.

September 25, 2008

JaR - SCENE 29 - now available for PRE-ORDERS

It is with utmost pleasure and pride we can now announce that the new long awaited album - SCENE 29 by JaR - alias JAY GRAYDON and RANDY GOODRUM - is finally available for pre-orders!!!

Appease your hunger for awesome music by ordering it before we run out of the first batch!

Here is another enthusiastic comment on the JaR album coming from guitarist/songwriter/producer and more - Tom Hemby...

"I use to compare everything recorded in the past 20 years to Donald Fagen's "The Nightfly". Now there's a new industry standard for music, and it's called ... "JaR"! Jay's astounding guitar wizardry and Randy's stunning keyboard prowess is the crux of a project filled with brilliant complex harmonic compositions, ear candy smooth vocal performances, and thick transparent sounding mixes. This is soon to be "legendary" recording!"

September 12, 2008

JaR - SCENE 29 to be released October 1st in the US

Yes, we are finally there... well... almost there anyway... JaR - SCENE 29 will be released on October 1st in the States and you will be able to pre-order it shortly. Meanwhile you may enjoy yourselves cruising around the new JaRZONE website where JAY GRAYDON and RANDY GOODRUM will post all news about the album and other interesting stuff. The album has 11 outstanding songs which will make every quality music lover teary-eyed with joy.

Hey, how about Steve Lukather's raving about the album after having heard the songs...

"You guys have taken the torch from Steely Dan and have run miles and miles ahead"!!!

Need we say more? You won't believe your happy ears! Keep hanging around for the latest news on when SCENE 29 will be available for pre-ordering.

September 3, 2008

JaR Album Coming Soon

In case you wonder where we disappeared... the JaR album is now at the manufacturing plant and we are looking at a release in a few more weeks. So, just hold on music lovers This is the ONE album you will want to get for Christmas and we are currently working hard to make it possible, so keep hanging around for a pre-orders date being set very soon.

July 31, 2008

Jay Meets With Steely Dan

Taking a short break from the arrangements for the release of the new JaR album (due in a few more weeks) Jay went to the Steely Dan concert at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on July 23. As expected the performance was spectacular and here below are Jay's comments from the gig...

If you like melodic pop with a hint of jazz, do yourself a favor and go to a Steely concert when they play in your area. As we know, such brilliant songs! Donald, Walter and the band is outstanding with performances that would make for an excellent live recording! The band is tight and feels great! The pitch was superb, especially the horns, which is not an easy feat. Simply ear candy!

After the show, I spoke with Walter and Donald. We reminisced about the time we worked together and other fun stuff. I love these guys as they are so non-Hollywood down to earth gentlemen! - Jay

A few pictures from the gig:

Jon Herington is the guitar player with Steely Dan and is perfect for the gig! He plays the parts like he wrote them and never overplays Magnificent.

Michael Leonart is a great trumpet player

Freddie Washington is the bass player on the gig and is first-class (aforementioned Jon Herington to the right)

Greg Phillinganes is one of the best piano players of all time and a great friend

As to Walter no need to mention credits. He is a great guy

Photos © Denise Marie Luko.

June 19, 2008

Jay's Recording Articles Are Back

The eagerly awaited relaunch of Jay Graydon's 32 articles on Recording The Guitar has finally happened and they are now up and running on the Guitar.com web site in their section Get Educated. Many of you have been asking for Jay's superb article series on all there is to know about recording, so now finally..... go get the direct links on the Gear & Studio page.

April 1, 2008

The JaR Album is FINISHED!

Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum have now finished their first album as JaR!

Two years of hard work, writing and recording new material, has resulted in an incredible set of songs with amazing melodies, subtle lyrics and outstanding playing and singing by these seasoned musicians and accomplished songwriters. I assure you - you will not believe your ears! Take Randy's dazzlingly virtuoso keys - add Jay's magical inventive guitar playing, plus both cats' voices in a perfect blend... and if you can imagine Steely Dan meets Airplay and Pages with some jazzy flavors as well, a touch of humor, strong catchy melodies with intelligent lyrical hooks - yea, there you have it!!!

The mixing and mastering is done - now time to shop a deal! Stay tuned for more info as things unfold!

February 22, 2008

Jay Graydon Recording Sessions

We have now added a new section to jaygraydon.net on which we will present all of the recording sessions Jay Graydon has participated on over the years... and let me tell you they are many many... On this page you will also find his fellow musicians on these sessions as well as a listing of the tracks on which he played - if known.

February 10, 2008

Jay Graydon and the Allstar Band in Japan

Check out a movie clip from the JAY GRAYDON ALLSTARS BAND performing one of the encores - the TOTO super hit - PAMELA. Watch Jay Graydon and Sherwood Ball dueling on guitars, Bill Cantos scat singing, Bill Champlin grooving on his Hammond B3, Steve Porcaro dancing and more...

In brief... E N J O Y and feel the M A G I C that was in the air that first night in Japan.

January 17, 2008

The DVD is available at HMV Japan

Since many of you have been inquiring - yea, the DVD has not reached Amazon.com yet for some reason - it seems importing the DVD takes tiiiime... but in any case both versions are currently available at HMV Japan. The good news is that if WARD Records finds a good distributor in Scandinavia it will be even easier for all of Europe to get the DVD as well. Let's hope they will find one soon!

January 9, 2008

The DVD Japanese Ad - now in English

WARD Records has now translated their Japanese one-sheet ad on the Jay Graydon Allstars Band for all of us. Read all about it! (pdf format)

January 6, 2008

Update on the DVD

Thanks for all of your comments and kudos regarding the DVD! Just a clarification regarding the sound and filming quality of this totally live production. Like we said earlier this concert video was never intended for commercial release, but after many requests Jay Graydon has finally agreed to release it - after all these years. In other words, this video captures a very rare and unique concert with some of the greatest musicians ever, in a raw and totally live environment, as filmed using one camera only and the sound emanating directly from the live board mix.

Statement from WARD Records regarding the release:

When watching the product please bear in mind that the footage used was originally meant for personal archive purposes and never was intended for a public release. Therefore it is a single camera shooting from the audience (probably the FOH console area), and not a so-called "pro-quality" shot done by a professional camera crew.

Some of the Japanese press only mentioned about the quality of the video being poor, which is very unfortunate because we believe that this particular video is a record of a very special and precious moment which may never happen again and we only wanted the public viewers to enjoy the magic that Jay and his friends performed for us. I personally believe that music lovers of Europe and the US would be able to appreciate the true value of this product and not be concerned about little facts like how it was shot. We've done the best we can to enhance the video and audio.

REVIEW by Takeishi Ito AKA Takeito - Westcoast music guru and AOR expert with great web site - Adult Contemporary Music In Japan. Takeito gives the DVD 4,5 stars out of 5! You need to scroll down a bit

The album released in conjunction with this tour - AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET - is available at Amazon.

December 9, 2007

Latest News on the DVDs

There will be 2 versions of the DVD - the Normal Edition - (1 DVD+12pg booklet) and - the Special First Press Limited Edition - (1 DVD+2 CD+24pg booklet). The 2 CDs are the board mix audio from the concert. Both DVD editions include an interview session with Jay and Kenji Sano (bass player) looking back at the show. While waiting for the release you might enjoy checking out a few pics from the video! BTW the tracks list on the DVD is as follows. As you can see there are many great songs, not only from AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET but also a few TOTO and Bill Champlin tracks.

  • 01. CRIMINAL
  • 10. BABY, BYE BYE
  • 13. ROXANN
  • 15. BAND INTRO
  • 19. PAMELA
  • 20. STRANDED

November 23, 2007

Pre-order Your Copy Of The Jay Graydon Allstar Band DVD

The release date for the DVD with the 1994 concert (1st night) in Japan from the Japan/Scandinavia Tour with the Jay Graydon Allstars Band is scheduled to Dec. 18th in Japan by Ward Records, but you may NOW pre-order your copy at Amazon.com

There will be 2 versions of the DVD - one is just the DVD and the other will also have an extra CD with the audio from the gig as well. Amazon.com has not stated (yet) which is which of the 2 versions they have for pre-order, but an easy way of finding out is to compare the price for the 2 different versions, when it becomes available, since the one without the supporting audio will be cheaper - of course.

WARD Records are saying that "Our NTSC version is going to be released in REGION 0", meaning playable in all regions. All region code flags are set, making the disc playable worldwide. The line-up on this tour was, apart from the band leader, Jay Graydon, on guitars and vocals - Bill Champlin (vocals, of course, guitar and Hammond B3), Bill Cantos (vocals and keyboard), Sherwood Ball (vocals and guitar), Steve Porcaro (keyboard and synths), John Van Tongeren (keyboard and synths), Pat Mastelotto (drums), Kenji Sano (bass) and Joseph Williams (vocals). More on this as things unfold. The album released in conjunction with this tour - AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET - is available at Amazon.

September 23, 2007

Live gig on DVD to be released

While we are waiting for Jay's new album - approx. release around April 2008 - we will have the wonderful opportunity to attend the 1994 concert (1st night) in Japan from the Japan/Scandinavia Tour with the Jay Graydon Allstars Band as this gig will be released on video on Dec. 5th in Japan by Ward Records. The line-up on this tour was, apart from the band leader, Jay Graydon, on guitars and vocals - Bill Champlin (vocals, of course, guitar and Hammond B3), Bill Cantos (vocals and keyboard), Sherwood Ball (vocals and guitar), Steve Porcaro (keyboard and synths), John Van Tongeren (keyboard and synths), Pat Mastelotto (drums), Kenji Sano (bass) and Joseph Williams (vocals). More on this as things unfold. The album released in conjunction with this tour - AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET - is available at Amazon.

July 13, 2007

Part 2 of Ken Volpe's interview with Jay Graydon

In Part 2 of Behind The Scenes with Jay Graydon - Ken and Jay discuss over the phone some of Jay's favorite guitarists; Joe Pass, Allan Holdsworth, Ted Greene, Phil deGruy, and Lenny Breau. They move on to cover what life is like as a professional musician and a producer. Lastly, they dig into the all important topic of microphone placement to capture great guitar tones in the studio.

June 25, 2007

Listen to a LIVE telephone interview with Jay Graydon

Ken Volpe and Jay Graydon in a telephone conversation - April 2007:

In Part 1 of Behind the Scenes with Jay Graydon - the legendary guitarist, recording artist, songwriter, producer and engineer - Ken and Jay discuss how he got started as a musician, his mentors, preferred styles, and the details of how he wound up playing a classic guitar solo on Peg by Steely Dan. Jay deconstructs the solo and takes you through how he approached playing over the changes that others in the band weren't comfortable with. Jay also talks about the studio work and guitar solos that he's proud of that can be heard on other big records.

April 14, 2007

Buy digital downloads

Individual tracks of Jay Graydon's music released on SONIC THRUST RECORDS are now available as digital downloads. Sound bites available for all tracks.

April 10, 2007

Jay working on a NEW album

Yes, it is REALLY TRUE! The rumors some of you have heard buzzing in the air for some time now, are in fact not just rumors. Jay Graydon is currently very very busy in his studio working on a new album with TOTALLY NEW MUSIC, written and recorded together with renowned songwriter Randy Goodrum. As I am sure you already know, Randy Goodrum has written a bunch of hit songs over the years, including IF SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL (Chicago) with Steve Kipner, and WHO'S HOLDING DONNA NOW (DeBarge) with Jay Graydon and David Foster.

This new upcoming CD is superbly crafted, loaded with original, sophisticated and catchy songs, with interesting melodic hooks paying close attention to sonic detail as always when Jay creates music. Anyone into the Steely Dan sound will surely love the subtle harmonic structures and clever lyrics.

At this point Jay has begun working with the time consuming mixing process, and there is so much work to be done before Jay and Randy will consider the album ready to be devoured by us starving music lovers. In a few months time we will have come a lot closer to the release of some really GREAT music, that is for sure

So stay tuned for more news as things unfold!

March 3, 2007

Jay Graydon Interviewed In Upcoming Movie

Jay Graydon is interviewed in filmmaker John Vizzusi's documentary movie - "ELECTRIC HEART- the Man, his Times & his Music" about Don Ellis. Don was an American jazz trumpeter, drummer, composer and leader of big bands who consistently explored the area of unusual time signatures. He was the first to create a fusion between jazz-rock and classical music.The Don Ellis music style can be described as experimental post-bop jazz.

During and briefly after his college days Jay Graydon played in the renowned Don Ellis Band for a period of time. Read more about Don Ellis and the Don Ellis Tribute Band which did a tribute concert at the Whisky A Go-Go in West Hollywood in December 2005, on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of Don's passing away.

Here you may also watch a clip from the film which is premiering in April 2007, and has many testimonials from musicians, who worked with Don Ellis.

January 5, 2007

Jay Voted 2nd Favorite Guitarist In The World

In the latest issue (Nov.2006) of the Japanese music magazine "ADLIB" (covering Adult Contemporary Music, Jazz, R&B...) Jay Graydon was voted the second favorite guitarist in the world by the readers and his latest album Past to Present - the 70s (2006) was ranked as number 9 of the favorite albums.

ADLIB (Swing Journal, Japan) 26th Reader's Poll

  1. Larry Carlton
  2. Jay Graydon
  3. Lee Ritenour
  4. Pat Metheny
  5. George Benson
  6. Jeff Beck
  7. Steve Lukather
  8. Eric Clapton
  9. Al McKay
  10. Buzzy Feiten
  1. Stevie Wonder/Time To Love
  2. Michael Franks/Rendezvous In Rio
  3. Chicago/Chicago XXX
  4. TOTO/Falling In Between
  5. Donald Fagen/Morph The Cat
  6. Il Divo/Encore
  7. Joe Sample&Randy Crawford/Feeling Good
  8. Prince/3121
  9. Jay Graydon/Past To Present The '70s
  10. Jaco Pastorius Big Band/Word Is Out

December 3, 2006


Welcome to our sister site jaygraydon.net which now is launched in full. Check out lyrics, pics, sound bites, video performances, sheet music, articles and other stuff that is interesting and Jay Graydon related. New features will be added from time to time - so keep hanging around!

October 14, 2006


After the appraised article series on Recording the Guitar for Guitar.com a while back Jay will once again share his expertise in all things recording with us in a new set of articles written for EQ Magazine. Please join us for an exciting and educational journey into recording land guided by our host Jay Graydon. As most of you already know Jay Graydon is twice Grammy awarded with 12 top five Grammy finalist nominations, among them are for instance the winning R&B songs AFTER THE LOVE HAS GONE and TURN YOUR LOVE AROUND and the nominations for e.g. the prestigious title "Producer of the Year" as well as a Grammy top five finalist nomination for "Best Engineered Recording".

Jay's profound knowledge of recording, engineering, songwriting, arranging, producing and related areas, has rendered him deep respect within the music industry and he has been called in as a beta tester of music gear a number of times by leading music equipment developers. Jay's music expertise comes from a deep well of experience - recording sessions from his career over the years and a desire to share his know-how with everyone who is seeking knowledge on how to develop his/her skills within the quality recording area.

First article in EQ Magazine deals with Recording Acoustic Drums Also available in the print edition of EQ Magazine for September 2006.

July 12, 2006


Welcome to our message forum! Feel free to post a message, start new threads and/or respond to music related issues of your interest and share your thoughts in music and recording land. Jay has started a few threads for us and will also join the discussions when time allows.

You are invited to join the forum and discuss music issues with others. From time to time I will hang around and join the discussions as well. Feel free to post new threads and hey, please keep it clean and music related, guys. - Jay Graydon

July 11, 2006

Past to Present - the 70s - NOW with BONUS track

KING RECORDS, Japan, is releasing Past to Present - the 70s with an instrumental bonus version of IT'S RIGHT TO BE IN LOVE. The catalog number is KICP-1176 and the release date for this album is set to be August 23, 2006, but you may pre-order your copy at Amazon now...

June 5, 2006


Jay Graydon music released on his own record label - SONIC THRUST RECORDS - is now available to order from retail stores via one of the largest one-stop distributors in America - Super D One-Stop.

Their database is sent to over 2400 retail stores around the world and any store can buy albums through Super D. IOW even if you do not find your local favorite store listed here, you can tell them to contact Gayland Morris at Super D to set up an account.

June 1, 2006


JAY GRAYDON is featured in the July 2006 issue of the music magazine GUITAR WORLD (circulation: 200,000 and counting... at news stands June 6).

David Konow has written an article for GUITAR WORLD about the studio musicians scene of the '70s and '80s and interviewed Jay about his career as a first call session ace guitarist. This is a story about the great guitarists who came out of the studio scene, the albums they played on, the whole shebang, or in short, a look back at a very important time in music history.

In this interview Jay says he hopes he "passed along some information that becomes educational for you future studio guys." and concludes by saying "keep the fellowship of string benders alive in creative land!"

Enjoy the interview in full in the GUITAR WORLD July 2006 issue!

March 2, 2006


Jay Graydon's latest album Past to Present - the 70s is now released and available at Amazon!

These recording sessions, original stuff from the 70s, are previously never released. Listen to a few sound bites from the album, featuring Jay singing on two of the songs (IF THERE'S A WAY and YOU CAN COUNT ON ME) and Bill Champlin on one - an alternate version of WHAT GOOD IS LOVE. Bill is also singing lead vocals on another never before released song - IT'S RIGHT TO BE IN LOVE - and like we told you earlier the album features the session aces from the 70s era and from any era - just check out the list below on the participating musicians and vocalists...

    Musicians and Vocalists:

  • GUITARS: Jay Graydon
  • KEYBOARDS: Jay Graydon, David Foster, Greg Mathieson
  • DRUMS: Jeff Porcaro, Willy Ornelas, Mike Baird, Ralph Humphrey
  • BASS: Jay Graydon, Dave McDaniel, David Hungate, Mike Porcaro, (most likely David Shields)
  • VOCALISTS: Jay Graydon, Bill Champlin, Ed Whiting, Marc Jordan, Tata Vega, Lisa DalBello, Nettie Gloud, Carmen Twillie
  • SONGWRITERS: Jay Graydon, David Foster, Bill Champlin, Harry Garfield, Marc Jordan, B. J. Cook Foster

Read Jay's extensive liner notes, i.e. the full story on the recording sessions.

The album Past to Present - the 70s is now available at Amazon!

December 18, 2005


Listen up music lovers - in mid to late February 2006 Jay will release a NEW album that will knock your socks off!!! All songs on this upcoming album are transferred from analog masters, recorded by Jay and Co. in the 70s, into a digital masterpiece of quality music and this is as close as it will ever get to another AIRPLAY album!!! How about that???

This new album - Past to Present - the 70s - features Jay Graydon on vocals, guitars, bass and some synth stuff; great singers such as Bill Champlin, Marc Jordan, Tata Vega, Lisa DalBello, Ed Whiting and more. On all tracks other musicians include such top names as David Foster, Jeff Porcaro, Mike Baird, David Hungate, Mike Porcaro, Greg Mathieson, to name a few. The album will have around 20 tracks and this stuff has never been released before. Apart from the 10 main songs, there are near 10 more bonus songs - fun stuff like TV themes, a jingle, and a few instrumental tracks of some of the first 10 songs.

Jay says about his new album...

"If you are interested in hearing great singers, musicians, and songwriters that had surfaced as "top notch" in the 70s during the beginning of their professional careers, you will enjoy the CD."

Keep hanging around the web site for the latest news on the release date and purchase info for Jay's amazing new album - Past to Present - the 70s!!! This is the one album you will want to own in 2006!

August 21, 2005

AIRPLAY 25th Anniversary album is here

of Jay and David at David's house

Photo © Ian Eales - March 23, 2005. Thanks, Pal!!!

The album is now released and in the liner notes there is an exclusive interview with Jay Graydon and David Foster together at David's Malibu mansion. Toshi Nakada of COOL SOUND interviewed them both in March 2005 and Ian Eales (Grammy nominated engineer, one of Jay's best friends and David's brother-in-law) took this picture. A new interview with Tommy Funderburk is also added.

BTW this 25th Anniversary album sometimes has the title ROMANTIC.