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Attention all of you musicians! On this section you can present your own midi files of Jay's music and share your efforts with colleagues - amateurs and professionals. Send your midi file to Jay's Webmaster and I will put it on Jay's web site. If you would like to comment on your files, please, do so and I will add your comments as well.

NOTHIN' YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT (55,8 kb) - Written by Jay Graydon, David Foster, Steve Kipner.
Button This midi file by Jan Hentschel, Sweden.

ROXANN (45,7 kb) - Written by Jay Graydon, Bill Cantos, Valerie Hobel.
Button This midi file also by Jan Hentschel, Sweden, and here are his comments:

I'm a guitar player and a fan of West Coast Music since many years. The last few years I've discovered the possibility of making music on my computer. Although this can never replace the feeling of playing together with other musicians I find it a fascinating tool. I feel I'm learning a lot about arranging music by playing songs this way. It has also given me a new respect for the geniosity of guys like Jay Graydon and David Foster. I use Digital Orchestrator Pro for sequencer and a Roland SC-7 sound module.

Comment on "Roxann" I never knew it could be so hard to do a guitar solo on a keyboard.

Comment on "Nothing You Can Do About It" This is the Manhattan Transfer version..


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