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RAKE and the Surftones


RAKE and the Surftones - Surfers Drive Woodies


Label: Sonic Thrust Records
Cat. no: STRCD-004
Release date: September 17, 2002
UPC A. 807207016328

RAKE and the Surftones - SURFERS DRIVE WOODIES (Japanese version/18 tracks) is now available to the rest of the world! This is an album which will take you back to the sixties when the surf music waves were high, recorded in a surf style (Dick Dale, Ventures type of thing.)

Fun music with raw solid energy giving you the feeling of surfing the waves, in the sunset of the endless summer in Hawaii or Southern California, where the swell is running and the waves break perfectly, visualizing the lifestyle of the carefree surfer, riding the surf, driving his Woodie, beach partying and watching the surf scene waiting for the "Big One". RAKE, alias Jay Graydon, plays together with a host of the best studio musicians in the world, e.g. Dean Parks (Steely Dan), Steve Lukather (Toto), David Hungate (Toto), John Ferraro, Joseph Williams (Toto), Jason Scheff (Chicago) and many more. Catchy tunes with an attitude and the fun factor of this recording is shining through big time!

Listen to some cool SOUND BITES!


The reason for making the surf album was for a studio test and it was major fun to visit that past era of the early 60s. Writing the songs was extremely easy since growing up with surf music I knew the style backwards and forwards!

The party was major fun as well! The restaurant is a huge building right near Malibu Pier and it has been various restaurants over the years. Now it's Nobu, which is a high-end sushi restaurant and gourmet Japanese food. It looks totally different inside from what it did when we played the surf gig.

After playing all the surf songs it turned into a giant jam session with all kinds of funny stuff such as Bill Cantos doing an act for fun, which was playing like an old guy playing pop songs of the current era with really square chord changes.

So both the album and the party was extreme fun!

By the way I should mention we played Wipeout on the gig and did something Jon Kurnick (outstanding studio guitarist) had done in the past, which is we all played the melody in different keys! It sounds like a musical disaster that is so funny we were all laughing the whole time!

When watching this video KERSTIN put together I was reminded that we were attempting to play like we were 14 years old.

Fine memories for sure! - JAY

Check out the video below with clips from the once-in-a-lifetime surf party in Malibu with RAKE and the Surftones with family and friends. The footage suffers big time from the very low lighting at the venue, but I am sure you can tell everyone was having a great time.



Update September 10, 2019.

Jay here everyone. I thank you so much for your comments and note there is so much humor in the liner notes for the surf album, as well as in the lyrics of the vocal songs that are hysterical! Read them in the liner notes of RAKE and the Surftones

For the guys (no offense ladies as it’s intentional guy humor of teenagers) - the album title name alone is - SURFERS DRIVE WOODIES! One song is titled - FOR SANDI GRILL AND THE SEA CUPS - (yea, intentional teenager guy humor for both names). There are so many other jokes in the titles as RUN DON’T WALK in reverse order is WALK DON’T RUN, which is a famous surf song BUT actually the first version was recorded by a jazz guitarist named Johnny Smith!

This is a must have CD for parties before the summer ends! If you do not live in California, you will think you do when listening! Keep in mind the video party at Marilyns is actually on the beach sand and Malibu Pier is a block away!

There are a bunch of surf movies filmed a few miles away such as the movies with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello, e.g. "Muscle Beach Party" in 1964. As to continue the story, the people that owned Marilyns also owned the club that is shown in at least one of the mentioned surf movies.

I have driven down Pacific Coast Highway so many times since I was a kid and a few months ago, I went to a dinner at NOBU (that was Marilyns) and all I could think of was the album and party in that building!!!!

Btw, I have given Kerstin the guitar I played on the album and I bought a Fender Showman 15 just for this album and also used my Fender Tank Reverb I bought new in 1964 to get the same surf sound that was used in the era!!!!

After you get the CD and read the liner notes, there is more hidden humor. Simply name a song or any names in the album credits and I will tell you the story for each!

Surfs up so I gotta go, Rake from RAKE and the Surftones!


Here below another video clip from the same event featuring the track "Bach Goes Surfin'". The players are left to right - Jim Cox, Darryl Voss, Kenji Sano, Jay Graydon, Dean Parks. Phil Dirt who rules the surf music waves on Reverb Central says about this tune... "If young master Bach had been a surfer and had a Fender Jaguar, he would probably have written this to be played this way. Great track."



Songs from the album have been aired on Oceanic Cable in Hawaii on the Mike Latronic surf shows and they used a track or two in a show about China Uemura's long board contest. Some of the songs were also aired in July 2003 on the Waxfoot Surf Show #29 at CTSCC Ch.27 which broadcasts from beautiful downtown Santa Cruz, California.

An extensive review of the album can be found at Phil Dirt's Reverb Central. Click on Reviews in the left column and then look for the album in the right column or click on the letter R in the alphabetic list at the top of the page.

Phil's Garage: Surf's Up! with Phil Dirt Saturday nights 6:PM - 9:PM on KFJC 89.7 FM. On current and past playlists you will find tracks from RAKE AND THE SURFTONES being played.


  1. Gotta Woodie Today
  2. Undertow
  3. Run Don't Walk
  4. The Lonely Wave
  5. For Sandi Grill and the Sea Cups
  6. My Woodie
  7. Malibu Pier
  8. Surfin' Drums
  9. The Rake Mystery
  10. Bach Goes Surfin'
  11. Minute Wave
  12. October in Oxnard
  13. Gettin' Air
  14. Blue Lights

  16. Hot Fat Boogie
  17. Surfers Toe Jam
  18. Red Tide
  19. Bunyon Run
    Musicians and Vocalists:
  • Todd LaBrea (Jay Graydon) - LEAD and rhythm guitar
  • Sleepy Richard Hueneme (Dean Parks) - lead and RHYTHM guitar
  • Ed Hudu (David Hungate) - bass guitar
  • Malibu JC Peters (Jim Cox) - keyboards
  • "Butt" Powell (Tom Hensley) - keyboards, accordion and vocals on "MY WOODIE”
  • Hot Fat Reynolds (John Ferraro) - drums
  • Yo Wood (Sherwood Ball) - guitar
  • Stan "Haight" Ashbury (Joseph Williams) - lead vocals
  • Paco Pt. Loma (Jason Scheff) - lead vocals and guitar
  • Hungus Hudu (David Hungate) - trombone
  • Honky "Leaky Pad" Beeflat (Dean Parks) - tenor sax
  • Dave "Goofy Hand" Hermosa (Dave Richardson) - lead hand clap
  • Biff "No Pick" Balboa (Sterling Ball) - lead guitar every leap year
  • Craig Laguna (Craig Copeland) - lead vocals and guitar
  • Poop Fiction (Steve Lukather) - backing vocals, handclaps

RAKE and the Surftones + friends


RAKE and the Surftones (give or take a few) at first live performance. Left to right - Jim Cox, Darryl Voss, Kenji Sano, Jay Graydon, Dean Parks.

RAKE and the Surftones


SURFERS DRIVE WOODIES is produced by Jay Graydon for NEW MUSIC INC. and recorded live (except for the overdubs) commencing on October 9th, 1995 using the HARPOON STUDIOS remote truck parked at Malibu beach next to the pier. The band was set up about 10 feet from the edge of the pacific ocean during "high tide".

This album was engineered by Cookie (Mikal Reid) and mixed by Todd LaBrea using the 96 track Webcore wire recorder system utilizing ham radio crystal mics and soup cans with long strings for earphones.

Mastering by Steve "Hang 10" Hall at FUTURE DISK. Steve brought his surfboard into the mastering studio for the "vibe". WAY COOL! 2002 release remastered by Todd LaBrea using the ALESIS MASTERLINK system.




Jay having fun Jay having fun at the surf party.

Todd LaBrea (Jay Graydon) plays an electric guitar through a reverb and amp (it is a secret). ERNIE BALL guitar strings and volume pedal were used. Todd uses PLANET WAVES guitar cables now but they were not made then.

Hot Fat Reynolds (John Ferraro) plays EVANS DRUM HEADS. Poop Fiction (Steve Lukather) plays the LUKE signature model MUSIC MAN Guitar and used ERNIE BALL GUITAR STRINGS. Biff “No Pick” Balboa (Sterling Ball) plays the signature STERLING model MUSIC MAN Bass but not on this album. I am not sure what strings he uses. Yo Wood (Sherwood Ball) plays MUSIC MAN Guitars and ERNIE BALL strings.

This album is dedicated Dick Dale, The Ventures, The Beach Boys and the many surf bands and studio musicians that molded the surf sound.

Tommy Tedesco, the "God Father" of all studio guitar players is responsible for lead guitar on the song "OUT OF LIMITS" and many more. His "surf style" was a major influence!


I asked Tommy to name the studio musicians that helped to create the "surf sound" during the 60's.

  • Guitar: Tommy Tedesco, Glen Campbell, James Burton, Jerry Cole, Billy Strange and Jerry McGee
  • Bass: Ray Pohlman, Carol Kaye and Bill Pitman on 6 string bass
  • Keyboards: Leon Russell, Al Delori and Don Randi
  • Drums: Hal Blaine and Earl Palmer


A host of the world's top guitarists got together at this once-in-a-lifetime party gig at Marilyn's in Malibu. We were totally WIPED OUT!! by the completely new and surprising approach to the classic surf song. Jay Graydon, Dean Parks, Bill Champlin, Steve Lukather, Sterling Ball, Bobby Cochran, Jim West, Jason Scheff, Craig Copeland, Teddy Castalucci - all playing in various keys - yea, at the same time! AWESOME! WILD! My friends, there are absolutely no words for this! Wishing you were there.....



Champlin,Luke, Cochran


Darryl Voss, Bill Champlin, Steve Lukather and Bobby Cochran are getting instructions from Jay about their key for playing the crazy chromatic WipeOut.
Dean, Biff, Luke


Sterling "Biff" Ball is having a great time with Luke and Dean.
Teddy Castalucci and Kenji Sano


"I can't hear you"... or is it ... "I don't want to hear you"... Teddy Castalucci and Kenji Sano.
Bill Champlin grooving


Bill Champlin grooving with the Hammond B3. Kenji in the background.
Jay, Dean Parks, Kenji Sano


Jay, Dean Parks and Kenji Sano together in a solo.
Craig Copeland and Jason Scheff



You might find your summer queen
Might run into Ben Vereen.
It could happen at Malibu Pier


Craig Copeland and Jason Scheff in beautiful harmony.


Photos and videos © 1996-2023 - Jay Graydon/KEO. All rights reserved. All gig pics taken by Jay's PA/Webmaster


Todd LaBrea on surf music:
In September of 1964, I attended the 9th grade dance and heard a sound that changed my life! The local surf band was playing as I entered the gym. I walked up to the "band stand" and stood there with my mouth hanging open. I had no idea what the guitars and amps were but they looked and sounded like heaven to my eyes and ears.

The next day in school, I asked one of the guitar players (in that band) to please educate me regarding the guitars and amps. He replied that his guitar is a Fender Stratocaster, the other guitar player plays a Fender Jazzmaster and their amps are Fender Tremoluxe's with Fender "tank" reverbs. I asked him what that "lever" on his guitar was for. He said it was a "tremolo bar" that allows the player to "bend down and vibrato" the pitch of the guitar. WOW!

A few days later I met two guitar players at school and asked them to jam "surf tunes" at my house with me playing drums (I owned a very old Ludwig drum set). That Saturday was so much fun! We decided to "jam" the following day so the guitar players left their guitars and amps at my house. I fooled around with one of the guitars that night and figured out how to play all the songs we had played that day. TOO MUCH FUN!


The rest of Todd LaBrea's rap on surf music, as well as stories by his band buddies, are noted in the album liner notes...

Read all about this surf gig and the amazing chromatic WipeOut in Phil Dirt's column Malibu Bar Bee. A review of the album can be found at Phil Dirt's Reverb Central. Click on Reviews in the left column and then look for the album in the right column or click on the letter R in the alphabetic list at the top of the page.


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