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Jay Graydon Spotify Playlists


On this page we will post links and descriptions of our own playlists with Jay's music on Spotify. As most of you know he has participated on sooooo many recordings over the years, as a session musician, producer, songwriter, arranger, and more. Not everything is available on Spotify, but we will create various playlists with selections from his very long and multi-faceted career of what is currently out there on Spotify. The lists will also be announced on his Facebook page as we make them public.

There is so much to discover, e.g. so many songs over the years that you probably did not know he played on.

Jay Graydon Artist Page on Spotify

For the full discography plus more details about each track, see the Jay Graydon Discography (alphabetical pages) and/or the Jay Graydon Recording Sessions (chronological pages).

Jay's song catalogue is noted in full here with all of the corresponding releases.

Again, please note, these playlists are far from complete as regards Jay's work in full, since not everything is up and running on Spotify. For instance, the Steve Kipner album "Knock The Walls Down", with the best guitar solo of all times on "The Ending", as well as the Aretha Franklin songs he played on, and so many other significant releases, are not available on Spotify at this point, but hopefully, the missing stuff will be added in due time.

Do feel free to follow and share these playlists. They represent a big chunk of Jay's immense contribution to the music scene over the years. However, remember that streaming can never represent the same musical dynamics and listening pleasure as a properly mixed and mastered CD or even better, an analogue vinyl. As you know, streaming is just an appetizer for the real deal, as regards a top quality audio experience.


We hope the music in these playlists will give you many hours of musical enjoyment!


  • Jay Graydon: The Al Jarreau Productions
  • Jay produced 4 of the Al Jarreau albums in full - BREAKIN' AWAY, JARREAU, HIGH CRIME, THIS TIME - and 5 of the songs on HEART'S HORIZON. He was GRAMMY nominated among the top 5 finalists for the following Al Jarreau songs and albums:

    • Album Of The Year - BREAKIN' AWAY
    • Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocals - MORNIN'
    • Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocals - STEP BY STEP
    • Best Engineered Recording - JARREAU
    • Producer Of The Year - JARREAU

    You will find more info on Jay's production work for Al Jarreau and others on his production page and more specific info on Jay's input on the Al Jarreau albums in the discography and song catalogue.


  • Jay Graydon: Songs And Selected Session Work
  • Starting off with a small but noteworthy selection of Jay's session work on hit records over the years, plus a few of the superb songs he has written. Close to 5 hours of fabulous music presenting the immense versatility of this hard-working musician, even if it represents only a fraction of his output over the years. You will find some new and some old gems, e.g. the early session work with Jackson 5, The Osmonds, Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garrett, Donna Summer. Barbra Streisand, and other stars of the era, two different versions of his two Grammy winning songs AFTER THE LOVE HAS GONE and TURN YOUR LOVE AROUND, plus a small selection of the songs he has written, and so much more. This playlist is compiled with the kind assistance of Peter Olofsson. Thanks a bunch, Peppe!


  • Jay Graydon: Movie and TV Soundtracks
  • Featuring Jay's participation as an Artist, Performer, Producer, Arranger, Engineer, and/or Songwriter, on a selection of songs from movies and TV shows, such as Grease, Happy Days, The French Connection, Ghostbusters, S.W.A.T., Mahogany, Lady Sings the Blues, Thank God It's Friday, Gimme A Break, Never Say Never Again, St. Elmo's Fire, A Star Is Born, General Hospital, Starsky and Hutch, Six Feet Under, Ray Donovan, The Office, Young Rock ... just to name a few.


Stay tuned for more to come!


All written material, all images and photos in all sections of this website copyright © Jay Graydon/KEO 1996 - 2024. All rights reserved. Comments, suggestions, appreciation, corrections... whatever... talk to us.

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