Jay Graydon Discography

Since neither Jay nor I have the full picture of all the work he has done over the years, this is by no means THE complete discography. It is only scratching the surface, well, it is getting pretty extensive and closer to the truth as time passes. Anyway, it might give you an idea of the immense output of this hard-working man.

In putting together the list I have tried to locate all record labels, release years, catalog numbers and Jay's own participation in various projects but as you can see there is still a lot of missing stuff and mistakes even. Maybe you have the answer?! If you would like to help us to complete this list please, e-mail me the info you would like to pass on - additions and corrections. Your help will be much appreciated!

Over time I have received a lot of contributions to this discography and I would like to express my gratitude to you, my observant friends all over the world who are sending me additional information:

First and foremost, of course, thank you Jay, for all the tremendous work and time you put into trying to remember and helping me with the discography!! Without your help this would not have been possible!

I would like to extend my thanks to Stefan Olofsson and Peter "Peppe" Olofsson - Sweden (for your help with the basic research), Emilio Romanini - Italy (for your constant support and encouragement), Chris Couchois - USA, Morten Ottosen - Norway (for your continuous help!), Chris Zann - USA, Tak Kikuchi - Japan ("Tack!" My eternal gratitude, Tak, for all your suggestions, corrections and additions!), Janne Cerbelius - Sweden (thanx for the superlatives as well!), Bruno Anastasi - Italy (the BEST things in life are FREE!), Ralf Husch - Germany (great collection!), Nicola Maniscalco in Italy, Takahiro Kohsaka - Japan (another Graydon freak with a huge collection and an observant eye!), Jeff Skipski - USA (I think?), Michael Finnestad, Mikael Johansson, Sweden (had never heard of that album), Hideto Miyahara, Japan, Suzanne Thomas (US), Bengt Andrén, Sweden, Mikael Engström, Hĺkan Jansson and Anders Öster, Sweden as well. Also to Takeshi Ito in Japan, who along with his AOR Club friends are working on the updating of Jay's discography. Your support is fantastic!

On account of the huge size, the discography is available from this index page with links to one page for each letter (list below). PLEASE NOTE the discography noted on Allmusic.com shows only a fraction of Jay Graydon's immense output over the years, and unfortunately not correct, so if you want to have the full picture of his participation on various recordings, this is where you will find it.

There are also many interesting recording sessions noted on the Sessions page in which Jay has participated. Not all of them are released on albums as of yet, but waiting in the Motown vaults and elsewhere in music biz land.

Latest update July 9, 2024.

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- one page per letter (alphabetical/chronological order by artist - by title if the year is the same)