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Jay having fun playing


On this section we will share with you some of the many reviews on Jay's music that are posted online, as well as in numerous newspapers and magazines.

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Jay Graydon All Stars - 20th Anniversary Edition (4 DVD Box Set)


  • Fantastic!

  • author: Rich Dudas

    I just got the 20th Anniversary 4DVD box set in the mail yesterday -- I watched all four DVD's last night and they are fantastic !

    The video concert clips from the 1994 tour look great and sound amazing !!! I have both Japanese DVD/CD All-Star sets from 1994 and 1996 but this new set blows them away !!!!!

    The reunion clips with Bill Champlin, Joseph Williams, Bill Cantos, Steve Porcaro, Ned Doheny, Jay, and others are fun to watch -- lots of inside info and reminiscing - you'll love it !

    Full of bonus stuff / videos -- Jay bowling, birthday party footage with Steve Lukather and David Foster, etc.

    This is a MUST BUY for any fans of great Westcoast music !! You WILL love it !!


  • Superb job!

  • author: Bill G. Degillio
    The performance of "Pamela" you included is worth the price of admission by itself, Jay! Superb job as guitarist, MD, and DVD producer!


  • A killer!

  • author: Andrea Sanchini
    Hi Jay, got your all star DVD, is a killer! Way to go!


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    JaR - SCENE 29


  • JaR drives me crazy!!!:o)

  • author: Lorenzo, Italy
    Dear Dear Jay,
    my friend, I have just received the JaR cd and it really drives me crazy!!! I have been listening on and on to it in the last 48 hours and I have no words to express my gratitude for such a masterpiece!!! I had a thrill comparable to the one I had when I first heard Airplay or Steve Kipner...You and Randy are two geniuses and you were so corageous in doing an album like Scene 29 nowadays. No weak tunes, everything is at top level. Your songwriting is outstanding, always so full of personality and top class! And the lyrics are really brilliant..."he's richer than Foz" is fantastic!!!! :o) It's not easy to choose my favourite tunes, everything is so top level, and I know I will wear out my cd, that's why I bought 2 copies :o) and I'll buy the japanese edition as soon as it comes out.


  • Sensational!!!

  • author: Veronica
    What a pleasure it's been to find such great new music as I've been finding this year! The music industry may be ignoring the need for mature, high quality, classy, intelligent, fun and tasty music, but these guys haven't been. Outstanding! I love this Cd enough to buy a few more for gifts! Way to go, Jay and Randy!


  • New JaR album...love it!

  • author: André - Montreal, Canada

    Hey Jay,
    Great job with the new JaR album!! You guys are truly geniuses (just to state the obvious) and this confirms it! I love the production quality and vocal harmonies. Randy's voice and lyrics are silky smooth. Your guitar noodling is, well, out of this world! You always seem to find the right notes and pitch - love it! "Cure Kit" is an INSTANT classic - this song just blew my mind when I first heard it! Great intro song - I was jumping up and down. "Call Donovan", "Scene 29", and "Glen's Hair" are also favourites of mine. I hope that you guys release another JaR album. Just a couple of requests... I was sort of hoping for more ballads as both Randy and yourself are well-known for some great ones (ex: Who's Holding Donna Now, Coming Home, After the Love Is Gone, Roxane, Saving It Up,...I could go on). I am hoping that you will throw a couple more ballads on your next JaR release for me. As well, do you foresee any future collaborations with David Foster? I would love to see another "Foster-Goodrum-Graydon" penned song on the next JaR release :) :) :)

  • Anyway, take care (and God bless you guys - the torchbearers of the smooth Westcoast sound!) <


  • GREAT new music from Jay and Randy

  • author: Massimo Magni
    I'm totally knocked out by this record. What a release! I listened to it zillion of times, and I'm playing it for all the people I know, and they are VERY impressed. I wish JaR great success with this record. You deserve to sell millions and play stadiums and arenas. It is sad that most of the people out there buys crap, while there is around music on this level of sophistication, talent and experience. BUY THIS CD NOW !!!!!


  • Fantastic West Coast CD!

  • author: Gary A. Scharg
    These guys are first class musicians, and Jay's engineering skill never ceases to amaze me. Great to hear Jay's vocals which have been in such short supply since Airplay days. His guitar style is so unique also, sparse but elegant and lush. Randy's vocals are also a sound for sore ears, been grooving on his vocals and music since the early Dave Grusin days and his prolific solo career in Japan. Great songwriting by these guys, wonderfully performed and good continuity of material. Highest marks for production values, no Low-Fi here! Buy this CD!


  • A really, really, really good album!!

  • author: Danne
    In fact, it's the best album in a very long time. These two gentlemen really know how play... Just Great music!! BUY!!!


  • Ken Volpe of Guitar Jam Daily

  • "I’ve been looking forward to this CD for a long time. It’s the latest offering from JaR, which is Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum." - Read the full review here!


  • Perfection & Grace

  • author: barney
    What a great album, well, what would one expect from 'Jay Graydon' & 'Randy Goodrum'! This ones got 'Steely Dan' running through its blood, & it works! If you've ever heard 'Randy Goodrum's' solo album 'Fools Paradise' (produced by 'Elliot Scheiner' of 'Steely Dan'/'Eagles' fame) then you know exactly what to expect. Great chord progressions, wonderful melodies, unbelievable musicianship. As for 'Jay Graydon', where do i begin? His peerless song writing, 'Turn Your Love Around' 'George Benson', 'After The Love Has Gone', 'Earth Wind And Fire', 'Mornin', 'Al Jarreau', etc. Then his Grammy winning production work with 'Manhattan Transfer', 'Dionne Warwick', 'Air Supply', to name but just a few! His Guitar playing ain't bad either, check out his solos on 'Steely Dan's' 'Peg' & 'Steve Kipner's' 'The Ending', definitive Graydon! 'Goodrum' & 'Graydon' make stunning music together, 'Monkey House' & 'JAR' are the only bands to do the 'Dan' with conviction, perfection & Grace.


  • Is it Christmas already!

  • author: Ulf Stensland
    First Steve, then Bill and now this! I wonder what's next! This is what it is really all about; great songs with great groove! Can't wait to put the CD in my car! The torch is in good hands!


  • Nice

  • author: Mats Arvidzon
    Very good music again from Jay


  • Yippi

  • author: Sverre Torjuul
    Yes! Been waiting many years for this! Jay Graydon All Star at Rockefeller was a classic! Another CD going to Norway!


  • WOW!!!!!

  • author: Petter Solholm
    I have been waiting for something like this for many years now!!! Thank you tank you tank you, Jay and Randy for doing this album and for giving it out!! Im looking forward to getting the cd in the mail!! The soundclips is just great!!! Many greetings from Norway! Petter Solholm


  • New JaR album...love it!

  • Reviewer: André - Montreal, Canada

    Hey Jay,
    Great job with the new JaR album!! You guys are truly geniuses (just to state the obvious) and this confirms it! I love the production quality and vocal harmonies. Randy's voice and lyrics are silky smooth. Your guitar noodling is, well, out of this world! You always seem to find the right notes and pitch - love it! "Cure Kit" is an INSTANT classic - this song just blew my mind when I first heard it! Great intro song - I was jumping up and down. "Call Donovan", "Scene 29", and "Glen's Hair" are also favourites of mine. I hope that you guys release another JaR album. Just a couple of requests... I was sort of hoping for more ballads as both Randy and yourself are well-known for some great ones (ex: Who's Holding Donna Now, Coming Home, After the Love Is Gone, Roxane, Saving It Up,...I could go on). I am hoping that you will throw a couple more ballads on your next JaR release for me. As well, do you foresee any future collaborations with David Foster? I would love to see another "Foster-Goodrum-Graydon" penned song on the next JaR release :) :) :)

    Anyway, take care (and God bless you guys - the torchbearers of the smooth Westcoast sound!)


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    Jay Graydon - Past to Present - the 70s


    Reviewer: ARTURO VITELLI
    I guess Jay should carry on this fantastic A.O.R. music forever! Wonderfull album! Few people knows him in Italy, but evry italian people knows his round, nice and amusing, of electric guitar on "figli delle stelle" of Alan Sorrenti. I hope, one day, to see concert of Jay in Italy! Art.


    Graydon's the man..lookin' forward to JaR!!
    Reviewer: Tony Onstad


    sophisticated,cool,inventive jazzy-pop!
    Reviewer: Brian Muratori
    This is an awesome disc! Jay lets us in to his world of songcraft in the making. Songs that really caught my ear were: If There's A Way (a real infectious piece of ear candy that has a groove), Should We Carry On (a moving ballad that haunts the listener with a melancholy feeling), and I especially like She Waits For Me(this song inspires the listener to not give up on one's true love! It really rocks with a great melody,too!) Great assortment of singers,songs that take you to many moods and just feel good!!


    Reviewer: Tony Ramirez
    OK so it's not new music from Jay but it's new music for us fans. All the cats are here, Foster, Graydon, Champlin, Jeff Porcaro etc. I would say these are like slick produced demos which in Jay's case is like perfection. Worth the $$$. Pick it up. And thanks to Jay for putting this music out.


    Reviewer: Progman
    Why has Jay Graydon kept us from hearing this material before? But I am glad that he finally share these fantastic recordings with us lovers of the classic Westcoast era that ended 1982! This album consists of old demos and sessions from the late seventies, some of them intended for the Airplay project, and believe me when I say that a lot of songs on this CD actually is of the same high standard as the mighty Westcoast classic from 1980! This is Christmas all over again for all Jay Graydon and David Foster freaks around the globe, listen to this; among the singers we find Jay Graydon, Bill Champlin, Lisa Dalbello, Marc Jordan, Tata Vega and some others, among the musicians we find Jay Graydon, David Foster, Jeff Porcaro, Mike Baird, David Hungate, Mike Porcaro, Greg Mathieson and a couple of others. Twenty songs from the era when the Westcoast genre peaked, the two opening songs and the fantastic Marc Jordan sung track “Secret Love” alone makes this release an absolute must!


    Reviewer: Jake
    Worth every nickel. "Love Flows" is the best song no one's ever heard...except for those who bought this CD!


    Excellent ! ! ! !
    Reviewer: Daisuke Tanaka
    It is possible to listen to a very interesting sound source. It is large satisfactory ! The seventh tune's bass is a favor !


    classic sound
    Reviewer: michael james moore
    Back in the 70s Jay was playing on everyones records.I grew up in the valley and he was a legend.This cd has great production and some great songs that could be hits.


    Better than you might think
    Reviewer: Ed
    When I read the recording details of just what this CD was, I imagined some "clearing house" of garbage that wasn't good enough to make the albums Graydon was working on. Boy, was I wrong on that one. This album is proof that Graydon & Foster were an unbeatable team that rarely had a bad idea. This is the kind of stuff Foster was doing before Diane Warren took him over. The Airplay demos are actually the least of what's here. The other stuff is, quite simply, first rate. We're also treated to great vocalists like Ed Whiting, Tata Vega, Lisa Dal Bello, Marc Jordan, and Bill Champlin. Also interesting to note is how GOOD all of this sounds. On his website, Jay bewails the fact that he didn't have the best sources to work with. With only one exception ("Secret Love"), the deficiencies in the source material are nearly undetectable. He has taken these roughly-recorded demos and, through Pro-Tools HD3, made them sound just as good as anything I've ever heard. His website reveals how he slaved and, when you hear this, you'll know it was totally worth it. If you love West Coast Pop or you're just a Foster/Graydon fanatic, you NEED this CD. Thank you, Jay. You've done a wonderful thing here. More please...


    Great stuff, Jay. Ria
    Reviewer: Ria Curley
    Jay, thanks for the great record. I love that sound and, as a fellow songwriter, am inspired by it. Thanks. Ria


    What I've always wanted to hear
    Reviewer: Steve G.
    Ok, I'm a musician. A keyboard player, a music major. I've worshipped David Foster since I was 10 years old and he's a major reason I still play the piano. I've always, always wondered what it'd be like to sneak into his studio and rummage through some of his unfinished tracks and various other working versions of tunes. Well this is as close as I'll ever get. It's a huge treat to hear Jay and David's dusty old stuff. My favorite is the rough cut of Love Flows with the melody guide, hearing them both toss out ideas and sing really poorly. It's as if we get to see behind the curtain. It takes a hero or two of mine, and let's you see they are normal, human musicians, and not just freakishly talented, uber-musicians. Awesome stuff, thanks Jay.


    Simply the best songwriter and guitarplayer ever.....
    Reviewer: Lars Wærness
    This album contents some of the greatest songs ever written. I specialy am a big fan of the arrangements and the beautiful instrumentations. Very nice that some of the songs are without vocals so that you really can enjoy the music. I just miss "The Rakes" out of this world guitar solos.


    Reviewer: Hiroaki
    This album is so great! I'm listening to the great sound like 70's westcoast aor everyday.I wanna listen to the other Jay's sound from 70 to 80 or to 90.This album is my most favorite one. From Japan! Thanks


    a great surprise
    Reviewer: Bengt Isaksson
    It was a great surprise that Jay Graydon should release a record with old material, and now it's here and it sounds as the 70s. With some material never released before this production is great, the record includes a few bonus tracks - fun stuff like TV themes, a jingle, and also 2 instrumental tracks. If you are a Graydon fan, you must have this in your collection.


    Christmas came early this year!
    Reviewer: Olov Andersson
    Absolutely fantastic CD. 8 totally new songs plus Airplay demos, a Bill Champlin track and lots of short musical incidents like jingles and such. Top class music from start to finish. Old fans will love it! I hope he releases all his old songs eventually. Christmas came early this year!


    Jay Graydon's New CD Released!
    Reviewer: Tomi Malm
    And this is a fun cd! I Loved all the tracks. Clearly as close to Airplay, that we'll ever get. Especially Love flows demo vocals by Jay & David were nice and fun to listen..."Orchestra, French horns..." Foster was arranging at the same time. Ted's themes were also absolutely great! I can't wait to hear the 80's archive material :) Or how about the Unreleased Donny Osmond cd.


    Mr. Smilemaker
    Reviewer: Philippe Poudensan
    Hello there, I just had my copy of that Jay Graydon's "new" cd. It feels we're back in 1979, David Foster is all around playing beautifuly as usual. For now, my favourite song is "Secret love", maybe an outtake from "Blue desert", Marc Jordan singing. Bill Champlin is there too. Do yourself a favour and get that cd ASAP. Yes, Mr Smilemaker is back indeed, brings some sun in a cold winter that is not over yet, at least in France.


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    Planet 3 - GEMS UNEARTHED


    Reviewer: Roar Bakkebroten
    Finally the christmas arriwed but sooner,I've been waiting for thise cd in to many years.You've make my Norwegian winter warm thank you.There's only one thing who can beat this....See you live in Oslo.Please keep me posted.


    I have listened Mr. Graydon since Airplay...
    Reviewer: Jupe Kuikka
    There is a lot of great compositions. The guitar playing is unbelieveble.I`d like to say that the singing parts could`nt be better...but the machines(dropped out the fifth star from me). Anyway-this kind of music from this kind of mucisians will always get it`s place where it`s needed.Thank You Misters!


    GREAT SONGS, BUT ...........
    Reviewer: MANUEL DE PEPPE


    A great cd..it`s a shame we had to wait so many years for the 2.nd. one!
    Reviewer: Tom


    This Cd sounds so great I play it everyday
    Reviewer: Danny Stockton
    Great talent smooth playing this is better than anything you will hear on radio today long overdue one can only hope Jay has more gems he can release


    Reviewer: Bengt Isaksson
    Just wanted to thank you for the record, sounds just as I expected... SUPERB!!! Jay Graydon has putting together some old demotracks, unreleased songs and remastered them to this Planet 3 production. Amazing that after 15 years the songs has a nerv and are in this great shape. For you who likes Graydon's earlier releases this is one you must have in your collection.


    Like going back to the eighties with cutting edge production
    Reviewer: Jan
    What a dream...a new release that sounds like something long out of print with a $70 price on Ebay. If you were alive during the eighties buy this and remember.


    AOR Heaven
    A wet dream for west coast AOR lovers - 10 blistering and unreleased tracks from the ´Music For The Planet´ sessions incl. 3 slightly less polished tracks which made this ultimate classic - Jay Graydon, Clif Magness & Glenn Ballard simply rules !


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    One of My Favorite Album!!
    Reviewer: Masatini
    words cant describe how cool this cd is, the tunes shows a brilliant team of writers..buy it!!! I love this album.I can understand advertisement "Chicago meets Def Leppard" But Jay Graydon's guitar melody is more sensitive than Def Leppard!! Good is Good!!


    5 stars out of 5


    Definately recommend. New dimension AOR I dreamed about
    Reviewer: Dave
    Really good. I love 'The day the earth stood still' but the whole thing is great. Dreamers- superb!. Well, this album is classic. I can feel this and I've only had it a couple of days (I thought I'd write the review now cause they said it should be short!). So many solo's and musicianship that's not only top class but with a definate intelligence to it you don't neccesarily always have in the great aor albums. Really good lyrics in the same sense and the vocal sounds, performances and solo's are impossible to not feel. I will be buying another asap for a friend. Also to note it sounds soft and 'cool' in a way that it dosen't seem to give that minor headache with constant playing or at the wrong time of day etc. I was saving the day I bought this cause I knew it would be good (I got into aor a couple of years ago collecting sld vinyl of everything airplay and that time) but I must say I'm kind of relieved I did'nt wait any longer. In other words, I have bought a lot of cd's recently too and I think this album should without doubt be given priority if you haven't got it. Alternative lovers get your ass over here and see why AOR is the future. Now, I'm going to have some lunch and blast it. Lucky me.


    awsome, a must have for every AOR fan!
    Reviewer: audun
    words cant describe how cool this cd is, the tunes shows a brilliant team of writers..buy it!!!


    Ear candy for music lovers
    Reviewer: J.Engfeldt
    After several years searching for this CD, I finally found this record on CD baby.I'm playing it non-stop and my swedish opus speakers loves the music.


    Fantastic album, Planet 3 is just a great band.
    Reviewer: Lennart Nordin
    The CD is just great. You just let the songs go on. No program installation nescessary, the songs speak for themselves.


    What a killer CD! 5 OUT OF 5 STARS
    Reviewer: Nathan Euson
    What a killer CD! These guys are very tallented. Clif's vocals are great and Jay can shred like a madman. All of their songs are constructed so well.


    Indulge in this trip back through the sounds of Chicago, Toto and Kenny Loggins. 5 OUT OF 5 STARS
    Reviewer: Tamara Turner
    Well, it might not be quite "cool" yet to be listening to 80's pop but it's pretty much a well known fact that as far as melody and instrumentation goes, 80's pop is pretty darn hard to beat. So rather than embarrass yourself writing down those 1-800-80's-Pop shopping channel numbers for all "The Greatest Hits Of..," just click here! Indulge in this trip back through the sounds of Chicago, Toto and Kenny Loggins. Just stay away from the AquaNet, for pete's sake!


    Desert Island Disc, if there ever was a need for one. 5 OUT OF 5 STARS
    Reviewer: Eric Ryan
    I'll NEVER, EVER get sick of hearing the songs on this record. These three superstars need to be reunited (forced at gunpoint if necessary) to make a follow-up record. Another record which I feel this strongly about, which was also put together by 3 musical geniuses without much fanfare is Sahara Snow (Rick Springfield, Bob Marlette, Tim Pierce). Come to think of it, I'll just put these 2 great CDs on repeat for the next few days!!


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    RAKE and the Surftones - SURFERS DRIVE WOODIES


    Rake Rules!
    Reviewer: Rod Davey
    Rake & The Surftones is a first class surf cd. I was afraid of the three vocal songs,but they're cool too. This is a very polished professional sounding group. Had they come out in the heyday of surf, they'd have ruled the radio waves.


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    One of the very best!
    Reviewer: Bob Huff
    Jay is most definately one of the finest musicians and guitarists on the planet. The CD is is groovy, melodic and very well produced. I highly recommend this CD to anyone who appreciates great melodies with cookin' rhythm section work. Jay is once again brillient.


    A West coast pop classic
    Reviewer: Sara G
    In 1980 Jay Graydon and David Foster put together a little album called Airplay with the little known vocalist Tommy Funderburk. Although no hits emerged it became extremely popular in Japan. This is the reissue and includes a reprise of the Earth Wind & Fire Classic AFTER THE LOVE HAS GONE (or is it "Is Gone"?) with Bill Champlin who co-wrote the song with Graydon and Foster reuniting with the two for an excellent version. Another highlight is the much missed Warren Wiebe who ranks among with Bill Champlin and Michael McDonald as one of the greatest pop vocalists ever. This version is dedicated to him and Jay's quote is also on Warren's official site as well. He may have left "Planet 3" but his spirit lives on through the songs that have been released since his untimely death (From a suicide) about ten years ago...


    5 stars out of 5
    Reviewer: MK
    The sweet sound of Jay's guitar - need I say more?


    Reviewer: Andre Clermont
    All I can say is...when is Airplay for the Planet 2 coming out?


    Killer Stuff!!
    Reviewer: Tony Sanders
    I've been a fan of Jay's playing before I knew who he was. After knowing some of the fine guitar work and production work I figured I couldn't go wrong here. I was absolutely right. I've put this CD through the paces on my Tascam Guitar Trainer to slow the solos down and learn the nuance of them. Amazing how much he can say in about 20-30 seconds!!


    Well Worth the Wait (years)!!!
    Reviewer: Michael Holm
    I'd heard about this album several years ago but couldn't get a copy until now. Jay's Manhattan Transfer producer days hooked me on his abilities and style. I haven't stopped listening to ApP since I got it. One of my top 10!


    Reviewer: DANNY
    Holdin' on to Love could be the only song on this CD and it'd be worth owning. Speaking of Airplay, can you imagine what it would be like to turn on Top 40 radio and hear gems like these rather than the trash that dominates the airwaves? I know, keep dreamin'....


    AOR Pop-Fusion Maestro Strikes Again!
    Reviewer: Tony Onstad
    This CD,for me,ranks in my Top 25 out of the 2200 CD's I own.That number was distilled down from about 3500. This one just keeps on giving-it encapsulates the whole AOR&B/Pop/Jazz-fusion thing,an idiom that would not be so rich without the incredible artistry of Jay Graydon(& Co.)


    Great Album
    Reviewer: William Jahn
    That´s how Westcoast Sound shouldt be!!!!! Bill Champlin (Chicago) & Joseph Williams (Ex Toto)did a great job. Where does two Bands like, will love this album!!!


    One of the best sophisticated albums ever!
    Reviewer: Andrew Sandor
    Thoughtful, sensible, smooth, catchy, sophisticated...The vocals are incredible (Joe Williams, Bill Champlin etc.) and the orchestrations are magnificent. If there's one thing I miss, well, it's the real drums played by someone named Jeff Porcaro.


    Great album!
    Reviewer: Eric
    Great songs, great guitarplaying, great production!. I know I shouldn´t, but I compare it with Airplay S/T 1980. That album is an eleven on a one to ten!! I miss you Jeff Porcaro, rest in peace!


    Soul Healer
    Reviewer: Eric Stone
    I was not surprised, I know that this cd has to bee god. Just lay back, put on your headphones and enyoy! After listen to this, you feel....... yes! It goes into the bone. Thank You, E


    I've lost my CD to hubby! He fell in love with it... It's SUPERB!
    Reviewer: Jackie Nguyenphu
    It only took one second of owning this CD to loose it to my husband who fell in love with the tranquil tunes. Just enough spice to keep it interesting, yet restful and elegant. We're still fighting over it! I can't wait to buy more of Jay's music! --- Shhhh! Don't tell my husband!


    Reviewer: chris DiMella
    Killer tones, writing killer, production better that org. a must have! Later, Bro


    One of the best albums ever
    Reviewer: Olaf
    Great album with new mix. Bonus song "I do" alone worth the price of CD.


    was wonderful to hear this kind of music again.
    Reviewer: jeanne johnson
    was great to hear. soft and yet with good beats to dance too. love the songs by my brother. enjoyed it greatly. thanks jay for the album. jeanne


    Excellent music, great sound quality!
    Reviewer: David Kear
    This is a great CD, expertly remastered by Jay. I was just wondering, was Nothin' You Can Do About It on the original album? I am familiar with the Manhattan Transfer version, but I believe the original had a solo by Jay.


    King of Taste
    Reviewer: Pete
    I was anxious to see if the album lived up to expectations and can say it succeded on every level. Great song writing, superb production and killer guitar playing form Graydon. What more can I say.


    A definitive and must have West Coast album
    Reviewer: Wayde Carter (Sydney, Australia)
    This is the second copy of the album I have (the first being the expensive Japanese release). A great album that highlights excellent songwriting and arrangements, one of my favourite voices - Warren Wiebe, and of course, some excellent and very tasteful, intelligent guitar playing.


    Superior West Coast Rock

    Reviewer: Tim Messer
    Airplay for the Planet is an album of superbly crafted West Coast rock. Strong songwriting, flawless playing and reference quality audio. Highly recommended.


    Airplay 2002 = ear candy
    by Gary - Rating: 10
    This CD when originally released in 1993 was great. With Jay's remastering and addition of a new song, it is twice as nice. If you like AOR Rock-R&B-Jazz crossover type popular music, this is a must have. Even if you don't like this music buy the CD for it's technical excellence.


    by Charles Stebbins - Rating: 10
    I have both International versions of Airplay for the Planet and I must say that I rate this CD in my top 5 of all CDs that I own, which is over 1000. Bill Champlin, Warren Wiebe, Sherwood Ball, Joseph Williams, David Foster and the list goes on. Go out and buy this CD!! You won't be sorry!!


    Airplay for the planet.
    by Achwell Rating: 10
    What can i say,this is a great westcoast record whith the best musicians around. Superb guitar playing by Jay.Buy this cd pronto! 10 out of 10.


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    Well produced as always!
    Reviewer: Lars Lundell
    I've followed Jay's incredible music since the early 80's, and this album is yet another awesome piece of work. It's totally different from his other albums, but as usual extremely well played and well produced. If you wanna feel really happy - listen to this album! Thank you, Jay.



    More excellent guitar work from a master
    Reviewer: Tony Sanders
    Great playing all the way around. While quite a departure from the screaming guitar solos I love so well, it shows the versatility of great musicianship.


    Real nice guitar with great jazz players
    Reviewer: michael james moore
    It's a great cd to play while driving. Sort of remindes me of Steely Dan days.


    An absolute lesson in guitar playing!
    Reviewer: Adrian Alexander, Australia
    I first fell in love with Jay's playing when he did Marc Jordan's Blue Desert album, but his mastery has been turned to a completely new genre on this album. The lines are long, flowing and melodic, and his accuracy and interpretation of melody are an absolute lesson in guitar playing. Blow Man is an awesome track, and I can't wait to buy the "Jam with the Band Track - minus guitar" - all I will need is about another 30 years of practice, and I might get some of it down. Jay, thanks for the inspiration man, I am practicing harder than I have in in the last 35 years.


    Reviewer: DANNY
    Who knew?? Jay, you're unbelievable. Is there anything you can't do with impeccable taste? The playing is what you'd expect from a cast like this. Bottom line:if you're a player or a fan, it's a must have. period!


    "A wise choice!"
    Reviewer: Arnie Gross, Germany
    Fantastic compositions, incredible musicians, brilliant sound and for me the best of all: extremely “singalongable”. "Bebop" has been my daily companion on my way to work and home for a few weeks and uptil now I'm still getting more inspired and delighted every time I listen to it. Most of the melodies sound like classic Jazz-tunes taken from legendary albums, but surprisingly they aren't. Usually I'm not a big fan of pure Jazz, to be honest I prefer Fusion (like Track 6, “Tubs”, the genre-exception on this album). Perhaps the reason why I love this almost pure Jazz-record so much is the fact that it's made by a fusion guy like Jay. I don’t know. On Track 1 you can hear Jay’s Dad saying that it’s "a wise choice" (of his two-year-old son!) prefering that kind of music (at least for one record that should be made by him 50 years later, but for me it should not be the last).


    Reviewer: stepin
    I knew Jay Graydon listening Planet Three but I also like jazz music and Jay is a very great guitarist with such a lot of passion and creativity. Hi from Italy!


    Reviewer: chris DiMella
    The cd is killer!! playing is a 10++ best work Jay has done to this date a must in anyone cd line up. The man that played with the Dan is back! Later, Bro


    Fantastic ! Reviewer: Laszlo Szakadati I heard first Jay Graydon with his superb solo in Steely Dan's "Peg". From that point I followed him closely buying all his solo CD's and titles related to his work. With "Bebop" he is surfing into an exceptional instrumental jazz, showing his great talent in something he didn't do before. This is a fantastic CD, Jay can simply not go wrong !


    BeBop - Jay Graydon (Sonic Thrust)
    By Dave Nathan - www.allaboutjazz.com

    Jay Graydon has been in show biz since he was two when he debuted on his father's KDAY TV show. The first track is a snippet from one of those shows where the young Graydon identifies bop as his favorite music. Since then he has performed and composed for entertainers from a wide variety of genre including singers Cher and Al Jarreau, rock groups Earth, Wind and Fire and Air Supply and a host of others. Along the way he's won a couple of Grammy awards.

    On his latest release, BeBop, Graydon on guitar is joined by some talented jazz men to run through a play list of mostly Graydon originals plus, appropriate for this time and place, the "Star Spangled Banner". Graydon plays a clean guitar, nothing heavy or smeary about it recalling Joe Pass and Barney Kessel. The monster drummer Dave Weckl is present to lead the rhythmic parade, setting the beat and pace, as well as adding intelligently placed solos and drum breaks. The title of the album notwithstanding, this is not the heavy, daring bop of Charlie Parker or that played by those giants recording for the Blue Note label in the 1960's. To call it soft bop would be appropriate. There's not much especially memorable about the tunes - - except the "Star Spangled Banner" of course. They're more like head arrangements that provide a loose structure for individual and group improvisation... and it works. A major attraction is the sax of Brandon Fields who solos on virtually every cut. He is especially boppish on such tunes as "Oh Yes, There Will". Like Graydon, he has worked extensively with George Benson and was a member of Russ Freeman's contemporary jazz group, the Rippington's. Bill Cantos has issued a couple of albums under his name and Dave Carpenter has been a sideman on numerous albums. It's the strong playing that makes the album a worthy addition to the collection. Visit Jay at his web site where this CD can be purchased.


    A complete musician
    by Rune Johansson

    Jay Graydons "bebop" album is a masterpiece within its genre. I know him from hundreds of session recordings in the more contemporary style and of cource from the classic westcoast-period in the late seventies and early eighties where the Airplay-album was groundbreaking. With the bebop-album Jay shows new sides of his talents, delivering an impressive collection of tunes that would make every jazz-lover overwhelmed. Not only because of the great tunes, mostly co-written by Jay & Bill Cantos, but also because of the great playing both by Jay and the rest of the guys.

    And the sound quality? As always with Jay State of The Art.


    The best bebop-album I've heard in a long time. Jay Graydon - BEBOP
    by Wes Gillespie - The Jazzsite.com

    Similar in style to - Dave Koz, George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Gabor Szabo, Lee Ritenour, Dexter Gordon, Stan Getz, John Coltrane

    'Bebop' is the new album from guitar maestro Jay Graydon. Jay is also a reknowned arranger and producer with a string of hits with George Besnon and Al Jarreau to name but a few.

    His new set is a breathe of fresh air and features straight ahead jazz with a smooth jazz feel to it Featuring tenor saxman Brandon Fields Jay has a tight five piece band which would osund the same 'live' as on record I'll bet. The whole album has that club atmosphere and I have played it non stop for a week whilst designing websites for customers.

    Jay wanted to record a bebop album ever since an interview on his dad's daily variety radio show in which he stated at the age of two that he wanted to play bebop. Forty-Nine years later he realised his wish and this is a sublime effort for someone who doesn't hail from a jazz background.

    All compositions were composed by Jay except 'Go 'way moon' and the US national anthem rendition 'Star Spangled Banner'.

    The five musicians have a tight interplay on all tracks with excellent sax, piano and of course guitar solos to a tight rhythm section provided competently by Dave Carpenter on bass and Dave Weckl on drums.

    Fans of the early Dexter Gordon, Stan Getz, George Benson and Wes Montgomery albums will love this set which is superbly played and arranged by an icon in the music world.

    Jazz Site Rating - 10 outa 10


    Jay's BEBOB
    by Urs Wiesendanger Rating: 10
    From what I heard, I feel great about the combination of musicans on Jay's BEBOB. It smokes and doesen't leave the impression of "just another" jazz record from L.A. It really sounds special somehow. Jay sound better then ever! Urs Wiesendanger (Switzerland)


    bebop is great!
    by masashi sawada Rating: 10
    I heard first on this album for Jay's jazz guitar paformannce. this sound is verry good!!
    buy buy - from japan


    Jake est super
    by Luigi Moretti
    le nuveau cd bebop de Jay Graydon est Super


    Jay Graydon - BEBOP
    by Olov Andersson - Missingpiece.net

    Finally Jay came around to record a pure jazz album and what an album it is. Any old jazz fanatic or any new fan will not be able to resist it. Only the good sound quality hints that this is a recording from the 21st century. The original compositions sounds like vintage 40's / 50's bebop jazz. The line up features Brandon Fields (Saxes), Bill Cantos (piano), Dave Carpenter (Bass), Dave Weckl (drums) and of course Jay himself on guitars. Quite an impressing collection of musicians. The only non-original track on the album is a slow jazz version of the US national anthem, played by Jay on the guitar. If you're a "Closet-Jazz-Fan" that visit "the missing piece" pages in search of good music (and we have lots of it) I urge you to get your copy of this fine jazz CD. We will be discrete and will not tell anyone that you bought a jazz record. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


    He's a king of jazzguitar too !
    by Torbjørn Alfsen

    The Jay Graydon "Bebop" cd is just great ! A combination of the joy of playing, technical and musical skills and very good tunes! These tunes must be included in the next edition of Real Book!!! Being a guitarist I almost get depressed. I did know that Jay was the King of AOR/Westcoast, but in this he shows that he also has the whole jazz school within him!


    Jay Graydon - the Music Magician
    by KEO

    Jay Graydon's new masterpiece - BEBOP - is adding even more bright nuances to the multi-colored painting of his music genius. Those of you familiar with the way Jay expresses himself in pop music know that he has developed his very own style of playing, letting the guitar sometimes basically explode in a technically perfect aggressive solo and sometimes bleed in close harmonies and intense feeling - really squeezing the best out of the guitar.

    A jazz album such as BEBOP does not offer any shortcuts or easy ways out by hiding behind distortion or cranking up the volume or using all kinds of helpful gadgets - you simply have to be a very good player and musician, and Jay Graydon surely proves his skill and versatility on this long awaited new jazz album.

    Jay handles the guitar following the "less is more" concept, playing with subtle intelligence as well as technical accuracy. He is maybe first and foremost known for two very special ways of playing - the one note mute rhythm guitar playing and the wire choirs. Those specific styles of playing may not be what you expect to hear on a bebop album, but he actually manages to excel in an innovative and exquisite winding harmonic wire choir structure in one of the great melodies.

    The tunes on the BEBOP album have a classic feel although they actually are entirely new, and it would be a musical sin not to include them in a new edition of the jazz notation "bible" - the Real Book. Jay waited many years before attempting a full-blown jazz album, although his childhood roots are in bebop, as you may hear on the initial track on the album, where he proudly declares his music preferences at the age of 2 on his father's TV show.

    Jay Graydon is supported by a group of highly talented and solid sidemen on this album, all seasoned top-notch musicians. Brandon Fields, the incredibly gifted sax player contributes a beautiful tone to the new tunes and is truly inspired. Together with the other players on this highly recommended album - Dave Weckl, Dave Carpenter and Bill Cantos, these musicians form a synthesis of musicality, music quality, virtuosity, zest and total command of the bebop genre.

    With the release of the BEBOP album, twice Grammy awarded and 12 times nominated Los Angeles top songwriter, guitarist, producer, arranger, engineer, and more, Jay Graydon has once again made music history and blessed our souls with real quality MUSIC. This album is a definite must-hear and must-own for many hours of music happiness! A 10 out of 10!


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    Some scattered accolades from various reviews...

    ... "His understated approach to guitar playing, along with sidework from Dave Weckl, Brandon Fields, Dave Carpenter, and Bill Cantos, combine to create a sonic treasure of bebop, a digitally recorded masterpiece." ...

    "Despite this being an acoustic project, Jay Graydon is playing electric guitar, but delves into his mastery of solo improvisation that is based on advanced harmonic changes, and captures the essence of bebop." ...

    "It not only brings Jay Graydon to the forefront of jazz in a new digital audio medium, but is the culmination of a childhood idea that has come to fruition in its own good time."...

    "The best I have heard in eons!!!"


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