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Jay Graydon's official home on the web in which you will find everything about this twice Grammy awarded (Best R&B songs) and 12 times Grammy nominated (among the top 5 finalists) Los Angeles top songwriter, recording artist, guitarist, producer, engineer, and more. Jay will also take some space to address his fans and in other ways contribute, whenever he finds the time to do so. In short, we will bring you the HOTTEST NEWS about the world's greatest guitarist, songwriter and producer. So keep hanging around!

            at Garden Rake Studios

* Message from Toshi Nakada to Jay's Japanese fans

Toshi Nakada document in Japanese

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Message from Jay - May 2020

Hey all, as we know, things will never be the same caused by the pandemic! We need to stand united as to do whatever we can to get back to work ..... continued on the Hot News page.

In any case, enjoy this video my PA Kerstin created on an arrangement I did. - Jay

The New Year 2020 Special Interview at Inside MusiCast!

"While the rest of Los Angeles is sleeping, Jay Graydon is hard at work. His nocturnal schedule started when he was in high school and has persisted throughout his career, but this magical time of the day has afforded Jay with the creative timetable to write and produce countless gold, platinum and Grammy winning albums and songs. We last had Jay on the show ten years ago when we discussed various highlights of his career, so we're pleased to have him back to update us on several recent topics, including the new JaR album, his 'E' Model Rhodes project, some guitars from his collection that he's parting ways with, and so much more.

Inside MusiCast is pleased to welcome back Jay Graydon.

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What a party!!! Such a great gig!!! Read more about it on the RAKE and the Surftones page.

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Hey everyone,
You people probably know Rivera makes a signature amp called the Rake Head. At this point there are enough panels, circuit boards, and key parts to build around 7 more and that will be the last run forever! So if you like my tone, check out my comments at the Hot News page, where you can also find the link to the Rivera website with more data on the amp, plus images and a video in which I explain more about it. - Jay

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I just remastered Past to Present - the 70s and as usual, the incredible Fab Filter plugins and some others as well allow so much flexibility! This album is interesting as it is an adventure through my history leading up to the point of before becoming a 1st call studio guitarist up to the point when I made the move to producing and writing. - Jay

STRCD-008 Jay Graydon - Past to Present - the 70s

Read the full story about the making of the album on this page.

The remastered album is now available at AMAZON!

Here is a video featuring Jay performing one of the songs


in a different version than the one on the original AIRPLAY album.

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Wohoo!!! SNEAK PEEK at JaR 2 - CODE!!!

VERY cool video featuring the title song - CODE - from the upcoming JaR 2 album!

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