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The NEVE Console at Garden Rake Studios


Neve V2 Mixing Console Jay uses a Neve V2 Mixing Console, which is no longer made. Jay's was one of the last manufactured probably around 1986. The V3 was next and then the VR. They are similar but the V2 has 3db more headroom than the others.

Ian Eales - Neve expert, President of Studio City Sound Corporation, Jay's engineer on several albums and a great friend, says about the Neve V2 Mixing Console:

"The V2 is wired with Monster Cable, and is soldered to the Multitrack machines to remove as many connections as possible between the console and the tape recorder. It has automated cuts on the monitor section to allow using them for returns to keep the noise down while mixing. Most of the monitor amplifier output stuff was changed to reduce the amount of electronics in the signal path."


There is more extensive info about the newer Neve products on their web site.


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