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JaR (Jay Graydon & Randy Goodrum)

Welcome to the world of two modern masters - the highly acclaimed songwriters, hit makers, lifelong friends and colleagues - JaR (Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum) at JaRZONE - having teamed up and working together as the new supergroup JaR.

Currently Jay and Randy are working on their second album CODE - and here below is a video with the title track from this upcoming album.


JaR (Jay Graydon & Randy Goodrum) CODE - Title Song


JaR - SCENE 29

Their first album SCENE 29 is a melodic masterpiece with songs across the board - a mixture of Pop, R&B, AC, AOR and Jazz.

The album is superbly crafted, loaded with original, sophisticated, catchy songs, with subtle harmonies and interesting melodic hooks, co-written and co-produced by Randy and Jay. The musical concept is totally new, yet slightly familiar to anyone into the Steely Dan sound, as the songs build on a similar formula with complex jazz-influenced chord structures that are pleasant to the ear with unexpected musical twists, as well as apt, fun and innovative lyrics.

JaR albums, singles, downloads currently available at AMAZON.

To purchase JaR music - please click on the images below.


JaR - SCENE 29



JaR - Sometimes You Win


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