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Sonic Thrust Records albums
are available to order at these stores in Italy.


Check out ALL of Jay Graydon albums currently released on SONIC THRUST RECORDS To purchase Jay's music you can either order online at Amazon or via your local CD store. Just tell your local favorite store to order the albums you want from Super D One Stop - one of the largest one-stop distributors in America.

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Doppia Traccia (intl)Alessandria
Doppia Traccia   Via Piave 5 15100 - phone: 39 131 41672
Zero Db Ragazzon Giuseppe (intl)Arona (No)
Corse Cavour 131   28041 - phone: 39-0322243717
Discos Aquarius (intl)COL. ROMA
Coahuila #168   06700 - phone: 52-5574176
Caru Sarl (intl)Gallarate VA
Piazza Garibaldi 6   21013 - phone: (39) 331 792508
Space 1999 Records (intl)TOLMEZZO
SPACE 1999 DISTRIBUTION   Via Roma 23/A 33028 - phone: 39 43341307000


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