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Sonic Thrust Records albums
are available to order at these stores in Canada.


Check out ALL of Jay Graydon albums currently released on SONIC THRUST RECORDS To purchase Jay's music you can either order online at Amazon or via your local CD store. Just tell your local favorite store to order the albums you want from Super D One Stop - one of the largest one-stop distributors in America.

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DVD Imports (intl)Boucherville QC
27A De Lauzon   J4B 1E7 - phone: 4504495477
Looney Tunes (intl)Burlington, ON
425 Brant Street   L7R 2G3 - phone: 9056373203
Downtown Disc Dist. Ltd. (intl)Burnaby BC
4163 McConnell Dr.   V5A3J7 - phone: 6044215636
Swift Media (intl)Concord ON
297 Royal Appian Crescent   L4K 5K9 - phone: 9053033001
Take 2 Films (intl)Gabrioia Island B.C.
10-2590 North Rd.   VOR1X3 - phone: 250-247-7373
All in 1 Tech (special)Hamilton
476 Upper Wellington St.   L9A3P4 - phone: (905) 318 7770
Cheapies Records (intl)Hamilton ON
67 King St. East   L8N 1A5 - phone: 9055231300
Sonic Unyon Distribution (intl)Hamilton On
22 Wilson Street   L8R-1C5 - phone:
My Music.Com (intl)Kanata On
499 Terry Fox Dr. Unit #85   K2T1H7 - phone: 1-800-465-7905
Les Productions Bros Inc. (intl)Montreal, QC
6300 ave. du Parc, suite 317   H2V 4H8 - phone: 5142721603
Ground Floor Music (intl)Paris ON
31 Ground River St. N.   N3L 2M3 - phone: 5194420040
Moondance-Canada (intl)Peterburough ON
425 George Street North   K9H 3R4 - phone: 7057429425
Sunrise Records (intl)Toronto, Ontario
4069 Girdon Baker Rd.   M1W2P3 - phone: 4164986601
Scratch Records (intl)Vancouver BC
726 Richards Street   V6B 3A4 - phone: 6046870499

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