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Come on in - here's the place where I'm going to let you listen to some of those wonderful solos that will brighten your day! I will add sound clips now and then so keep coming back and "recharge your batteries" with new energy from great music......

For some of the sound bites you may need RealMedia player which is a free download from this site.

But this is not the only place where you will find sound clips - I will put some of them elsewhere in the different sections of Jay's homepage if I feel they would fit in better there. Please note that all of the sound bites are in low audio quality to make them less heavy to download. So to truly enjoy Jay's music you need to get the real thing. Check out Jay Graydon's ever growing discography!

My absolute favorite - the solo of "THE ENDING" from Steve Kipner's "Knock The Walls Down" (1979), which could go on forever and ever in new exquisite harmonies would have been a great start, but this outstanding solo is about 2,5 minutes (or more) long so it would take like ages to download. And it devours K's!

And to shorten it would be impossible as you know we have this saying among us "You don't chop off a Graydon solo!" so go and buy the album instead! It's a rarity but you may find it on a record sale. I did....... a couple of years ago, a promotion copy wrapped in plastic and never opened! Am I lucky or what?!

RealMedia sound file THE ENDING But luckily things develop on the net and now this musical masterpiece is possible to download even with a slow connection. Yipppeee!! Use the free RealMedia player to enjoy THE ENDING guitar solo.

Here are some of my other favorite solos:

.au sound file PEG A list like this must of course include the PEG solo from the Steely Dan album "Aja" (1977). Jay was the seventh! guitarist to play for Donald Fagen and Walter Becker of the Dan. Ever Becker himself tried, but Jay was the only one who could please these demanding gentlemen. (250 K .au file)

.au sound file STRANDED Here's the tough and really breathtaking solo of STRANDED from "Airplay" (1979). WOW! (278 K .au file)

.au sound file ROXANN The solo of ROXANN from "Airplay For The Planet" (2002). Painfully beautiful! (211 K .au file)

.au sound file SHE JUST CAN'T MAKE UP HER MIND Another outstanding solo of this guitar magician from "Airplay For The Planet" (1993). (284 K .au file). You can also listen to the wire-choir (175 K .au file) at the fading out of this song.

.au sound file HOLDIN' ON TO LOVE Now dig this piece of ear candy!! Aggressively perfect harmony blend from "Airplay For The Planet" (1993) (170 K .au file).

.au sound file ON THIS CHRISTMAS EVE by Joe Graydon (243 K .au file). Jay's Christmas gift to all of you is one more bite of the beautiful Christmas song his dad Joe has written and is singing, and which Jay arranged and produced in 1996. It is not yet released so this is only for you my friends! Here you go - as an extra bonus for you Jay is singing one line in the bridge which falls between the 4 part harmony ensemble.

RealMedia sound file NOTHIN' YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT (55 K RealMedia file) One of Jay's own favorite guitar solos, as well as mine. Intelligent, subtle harmonies from the legendary album "Airplay" (1979)!

RealMedia sound file Classy guitar solo from the Japanese album ELT (292 Kb RealAudio file). Yet another of Jay's innovative and exquisite winding harmonic structures...

The album was released in Japan August 1999 and this song has a Japanese title only, which I will not even try to write down, but it is performed by Tommy Funderburk in plain American-English. Hey guys, this sounds just like good old AIRPLAY in a 90's version.

All written material, all images and photos in all sections of this website copyright © Jay Graydon/KEO 1996 - 2015. All rights reserved. Comments, suggestions, appreciation, corrections...whatever... talk to us.

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