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Supporter Transcriptions

Attention all of you musicians! On this section you may present your own transcriptions of Jay's music, especially the guitar solos and share your efforts with colleagues - amateurs and professionals. Send your chart to Jay's Webmaster and I will put it on Jay's site. If you would like to comment on your charts please, do so and I will add your comments as well.

Button CRYIN' ALL NIGHT - Check out the full take down of this great song in three stave format transcribed by Stefan Olofsson Sweden. Stefan and his brother Peter (Peppe) wrote the transcriptions for Jay's BEBOP Play-Along book.

CRYIN' ALL NIGHT is written by Jay Graydon, David Foster, Steve Kipner, and Jay is the lead singer on this lovely song. You may enjoy Jay's singing and playing on the legendary album AIRPLAY, still available from Japan, for instance via www.gemm.com but please note, that there is another band called AIRPLAY in Europe, so make sure you are getting the right thing. For the correct label name and catalog numbers of the AIRPLAY album, please check out Jay's discography.

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Button NOTHIN' YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT - This solo transcription by Masaki Fukuda, Japan.

The song is written by Jay Graydon, David Foster, Steve Kipner, and here is the place where you will find the original chart for the whole song.

And when the Master himself plays the solo - it sounds like this. Enjoy! (55 K RealMedia file.)

To listen to the Real Audio sound bites on this section you also need the RealMedia player which is free and which you can download here

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Button ROXANN - This solo transcription by Göran Dahlgren, Sweden.

The song is written by Jay Graydon, Bill Cantos, and Valerie Hoebel.

And here you can listen to the solo of ROXANN from AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET (211 K .au file) in the hands of the Magician. If you haven't heard this one before, you are in for a treat! So close your eyes and dream on!

BTW this sound bite is an .au file which you can download and listen to without the RealMedia tool.

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PEG solo - the last bars - This guitar solo transcription by Göran Dahlgren, Sweden.

The song is written by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker of legendary Steely Dan.

In the liner notes on the album "Aja" it says about PEG: "Jay Graydon's electric guitar threatens after the intial refrain. The composers describe this piece as a 'pantonal thirteen bar blues with chorus'. "

Here is the first part of the solo notation of PEG and this below is is the cool sound from Jay's guitar...

PEG as Jay plays it - the whole solo. (250 K .au file)


Update 2015! Jay is explaining and showing how he played the full solo on the 4 DVD box set JAY GRAYDON ALL STARS - 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION. The Japan/Scandinavia Tours 1994 and 1996 with documentary bonus material.

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Button THE ENDING This guitar solo transcription is written down by a devoted Japanese fan - Masaki Fukuda. I am so glad we can finally present both the transcription and the sound bite of this wonderful LOOOONG killer solo.

This has always been my absolute favorite of Jay's solos and they are many! Listen to the intelligent structure of this solo. Nothing is left to chance, every single part of this lick is carefully interlaced and developed further. It seems he could go on playing forever incessantly exploring and inventing new awesome chord changes and shapes.

And here it is - the whole solo............. WOW!!!!!!!!

.mp3 sound 
fileTHE ENDING (mp3 file)


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Button HOLDIN' ON TO LOVE. Torbjørn Alfsen in Norway has transcribed this wonderful guitar solo from the album AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET. Jay's own comments about this solo:

"Since the song is a fast triplet feel as well as incorporating melodic chord changes, I went for a "jazz" melodic approach while still keeping some pop influence."

And yes, of course, you can listen to this incredibly beautiful guitar solo online as well! (170 kB .au file) ENJOY!

Dive into this, music loving cats and chicks, and have a lot of fun!

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Button CRIMINAL Our hard working friend Torbjørn Alfsen in Norway has transcribed another one of Jay's great guitar solos. This one is from the Planet 3 album - MUSIC FROM THE PLANET(1991). This album was also released in Japan as - A Heart From The Big Machine (1990). Jay re-released the album MUSIC FROM THE PLANET in 2002 on his own label Sonic Thrust Records.

Listen to this fast and fantastic solo! (55 kB .rm file)

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Button WHEN YOU LOOK IN MY EYES Here is another notation from Torbjørn Alfsen in Norway. This notation is very extensive - 3 pages! You do not need to be a guitar player, since the notation is written mainly for piano. This song is from AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET.

A brief sound bite will set you in the right mood! (124 kB .rm file). So just sit back and enjoy this, music lovers! Or if you prefer, get to work on the notation.

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Button YOU'RE NOT ALONE And now a collaborative work between Sweden and Norway! Kenneth Carlsson and Torbjørn Alfsen have together written down the chords and melody of this beautiful ballad from the album AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET.

So enjoy Jay's awesome guitar solo (252 kB .rm file) and/or get right down to trying out the notation.

All written material, all images and photos in all sections of this website copyright © Jay Graydon/KEO 1996 - 2016. All rights reserved. Comments, suggestions, appreciation, corrections... whatever... talk to us.

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