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Wanna check out some of Jay's buddies and other hot stuff on the Web? Here are some valuable links.

i.e. logical solutions. Ian Eales, one of Jay's (and Webmaster's) absolute best friends and David Foster's brother-in-law, has a web site for his own software company specializing in applications for Windows. His brain is sharp as a razor and his background as an outstanding engineer in the music business, rendered him for instance a nomination for a Grammy award for the JARREAU album. Read more about Ian on his own section on Jay's web site for instance about how he invented the Vocal Splicer.

Meet Stefan Olofsson Webmaster's son and a great jazz fusion musician. Listen to his music and enjoy!

State Cows is Stefan Olofsson (songwriter, keyboards, bass) and Daniel Andersson (songwriter, vocals, guitar). Among other gifted musicians you will find Jay Graydon, who delivers a superb guitar solo on one of the tunes. This album is a triumphant return of the classic Westcoast sound of Pages, Steely Dan and Airplay. A new album is in the works for 2013.

2nd Arrangement is a Steely Dan tribute band out of northern Sweden. Formed in the summer of 2007, they are all die hard fans of the music and their mission is in brief to let people hear this great music live, not just on CD (or vinyl if you're bent that way).

David Foster's Official Homepage Here is David's official site on the web.

Ernie Ball Homepage. Jay uses Ernie Ball strings and volume pedals. Pay a visit to their excellent site!

Bobby Cochran A totally Bitchin' Guitar Player Dude! His great uncle was the late Eddie Cochran (yea! THAT Eddie - "Summertime Blues"). Bobby is also known as Bobby "Surf Chops" Waxer - one of the guitarists soloing on track 16 - SURFERS TOE JAM - on Jay's surf album RAKE and the Surftones - and a very good friend of Jay's. A great guy and a heck of a guitar player! Check him out, guitar lovers!

Randy Goodrum One of Jay's closest pals and a fantastic songwriter, known for co-writing WHO'S HOLDONG DONNA NOW with Jay Graydon and David Foster, as well as a bunch of hits for the industry's brightest shining stars. Jay's songwriting and artist partner in the supergroup JaR which released their first album SCENE 29 in 2008. Now working on a new album with Jay Graydon to be released in 2013.

Ted Greene Remembered We're pleased to announce the release of "Ted Greene Remembered" with thirteen tracks especially recorded to honor his legacy. Featured artists include: Jay Graydon, Tommy Emmanuel, Laurence Juber, Lee Ritenour, George Winston, Dan Sawyer, Anthony Wilson, Mark Goldenberg, Phil deGruy, Steve Ferguson, Stephen Bruton and a John Pisano-Ted Greene duet. Produced by Tom Bocci with liner notes by Barbara Franklin and the players themselves.

Denise Marie Luko A superb music photographer and photojournalist as well as one of Jay's great friends. Check out her excellent concert pics! Her photos have appeared in such publications as Billboard, Cashbox, and Modern Drummer, where she worked as a stringer. She has also been published in magazines such as Time, Details, and Discover.

Bill Goodwin - Master Magician. "When thinking about the album cover photograph for the JaR Scene 29 album picture cover shoot (photographed by Denise Marie Luko), I had a vision for the set, which is a close up magic room in the Magic Castle noted as The Hat and Hare. The Magic Castle does not allow photographs so it was time to call in a favor from my good friend, Bill Goodwin, who is the best of the best close-up magicians in the world and is the librarian at the Magical Castle. Bill's clout pulled this off. So when doing the photo shoot, I asked Randy if tit would be OK to include Bill in the photo as to have three guys sitting at the poker table playing cards. Randy agreed leading to the JaR album cover photo.

I have noted the above since if any of you are interested in learning close up magic, please check out Bill's website."
- Jay.

PlayNetwork provides creative in-store entertainment solutions to retailers and restaurants worldwide - headquartered in Redmond, Washington, with affiliate offices in the U.K. and Japan. Music, messaging, and video programs uniquely branded for each business. An award-winning quality-assurance program for the design and installation of high performance A/V systems. Get more comprehensive info on their web site!

Adult Contemporary Music In Japan Takeshi Ito in Japan has a great web site for all things WESTCOAST MUSIC and AOR. Check it out, folks!

The Official Blog for Westcoast Music in France. Featuring daily news, reviews about Westcoast Music. You may post information about your current and forthcoming projects, comment news and articles, and there are goodies like pics, calendars, interviews etc. You can send your material for reviews as well. Check it out!

Al Jarreau - the official web site. Al and Jay worked together for many years and Jay had an enormous impact on Jarreau's musical career during the 80s. Just think about all those great songs and albums that were created. Here is Al's own official web site.

Steve Lukather Check out this really current and great web site for Jay's buddy Luke by Kay and Arend Slagman in Holland. Comprehensive and cool!

Marc Jordan's Homepage I do not think you need any explanation or presentation of this gifted singer/songwriter. If I say... "Blue Desert", "A Hole In The Wall" .... yea, I know you know. Check out what he is doing today!

Warren Wiebe Official Homepage He will be sadly missed forever, this singer with a voice from God. Gabriel Raya in Spain has made a fantastic web site dedicated to Warren.

MuseNet - the contact service homepage for professional musicians started by one of Jay's pals - "The Reverend" David Boruff. Among other interesting things you will find listings of professional musicians on the MuseNet's Yellow Pages.

Official Web Site of Bruce Lofgren Composer, guitarist and leader of the Bruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra.

Gretchen Parlato a talented jazz/bossa vocalist- just graduated from UCLA School of Jazz (headed by Kenny Burrell). She is the daughter of gifted bass player Dave Parlato who used to be one of Jay's neighbors.

Welcome to Guitar Gold and Mike Deasy. One of Jay's fellow studio guitarists in LA way back in the 60's and 70's.

Jay Oliver and Dave Weckl Homepage. You do not need any further expounding about these two outstanding musicians, do you? A lot of cool stuff from their corner of the web!

Reverb Central You like surf music? Check out Phil Dirt's "Reverb Central" for everything you would ever want to know about this music genre. And on Saturday nights you can hear Phil - the King Of Surf Radio - on his "Surf's Up!" from 7-10PM on KFJC 89.7FM. From their own ad: Surf's Up! is the longest running instrumental surf show in the world, and has been the catalyst for the Bay Area surf music scene. Surf's Up! is more than just surf music. Phil Dirt provides color with facts and rumors about the artists.

Shop 14 Million CDs and LPs from 2500 record stores at MusicStack Buy music CDs, used cds and vinyl records from thousands of online record stores at MusicStack. Find used music, Cheap CDs, Out-Of-Print Albums, Rare CD Singles and Hard To Find LPs from record shops.

The Rock Report Web Pages Check out this cool site! In their own words: "ROCK REPORT is a glossy, Belgian magazine, that was set up in 1989 to promote AOR, melodic (hard) rock and progressive rock & metal. It was the lack of coverage in the better known music mags that made us decide to create a new medium, totally dedicated to the styles just mentioned."

Carmen Grillo One of Jay's pals for many years. Former guitarist of the legendary group"Tower of Power" and now a solo artist with his first CD "Both Sides Of The Coin".

Blue Desert . The Danish Westcoast Music Site. A lot of info on the best music and an impressive list of links to the best musicians. Check it out - you'll be surprised!

GuitarSite.com! This site is one of the most up-to-date sources on the net for guitarists and guitar lovers and is updated daily. We also have "Guitar News Weekly" - a weekly zine which you can read on this site or have emailed to you by subscribtion.

"Crusin' Music" by K1ono. A good place for retrieving info on the "oldies".

Gino Vannelli Official Website. With his powerful voice Gino is well known and highly appreciated by quality music connaisseurs. Part philosopher, musician, composer and poet, he brings these talents together in his music.

Guitar Notes by Jason Nieh. A huge and I mean HUGE website for everything concerning guitars.

Vintage Rocker a great place on the web for finding vintage guitars and also with an extensive list of guitar related links.

Elliott Randall Website Cool website with a guitarist who has made a legendary contribution to popular guitar performance and recording. Elliott has recorded and performed with for instance The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan among others.

David Foster Homepage by Christian Di Carlo in Italy is another interesting site for Westcoast lovers.

HEARNET H.E.A.R. (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers) is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the real dangers of repeated exposure to excessive noise levels which can lead to permanent, and sometime debilitating, hearing loss and tinnitus. We're here for musicians, music fans, and anyone needing help with their hearing. If your hearing is fine we're happy for you and invite you to hang out with us anyway. There's something here for everyone.

The Missing Piece in Robertsfors close to Umeå in Sweden might have the albums you are desperately looking for. Check it out!

The Recording Academy web site Here you can find the Annual Grammy Awards and Nominations listings and much more. You can also choose to go back to Grammy Awards and Nominations of this website to check on Jay's Grammy Awards and Nominations.

The Ultimate Band List is just what it says it is - the ultimate band list!

The Manhattan Transfer Fan Club Homepage needs no further explanation I think.

The Official Steely Dan Web Site. Talking about world class music we have to include a link to this Steely Dan site. Remember Jay's great classic solo on Peg? Yes, I thought so......

Under the Banyan Trees Another Dan site but as of May 2012 there will be no more updates. Still, the "old" news are worth checking out.

The Ultimate Guitar Page My site primarily deals with guitar playing, music theory, tips and tricks on the guitar, exercises, a message board and a contest page. - Ryan

Dominic's Music Image DOMINIC'S MUSIC buying, selling, trading and repairing violins, saxophones, clarinets, flutes, trumpets and other band instruments.

Music Artists Labels Radio Charts Search
The Music Review Homepage. Music Charts * Radio Stations * Record Labels * Music Artists. A world of music to explore.

AOR HEAVEN is one of the biggest mail order services for melodic rock in Germany. We are specialists for AOR (surprise, surprise!), West Coast and all kinds of melodic hard rock.

The Rail This website has been approved to have its own official junction on the Rail - a new network being built which will be a railroad across the Internet with rail stops at interesting sites. Come aboard the Music Train and check it out!

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